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Journalist’s violent COVID meltdown: ‘I want to find an antimasker and beat them to death’

New York Times bestselling author and left-wing journalist Kurt Eichenwald on New Year’s Eve wished “pain & misery” on Republicans and said that he wants to find an “antimasker” and “beat them to death.” During his explosive venting, Eichenwald also took to task alleged “anti-mask” “F***ING ‘Christians’ who preen about God saving [them] from COVID,” claiming they are who “Jesus condemns.”

“I have so much hate in my heart tonight. My sister, widowed by COVID, has Covid because of antimaskers,” he wrote to his 506,000 Twitter followers on Thursday. “About 4,000 died today; GOP says nothing. [Republican Sen. Josh Hawley] & his ilk are working to harm America. I wish them & their loved ones all the pain & misery they inflicted on this country.”

He went on in another tweet that has been taken down by Twitter for violating its terms of service: “It’s at a moment like this that I want to find an antimasker and beat them to death. Since they believe they have the right to kill others, they have surrendered any right to object. #CategoricalImperative.”

Later, Eichenwald said he’s “not planning to kill anyone,” and added, “Just, as the misery descends on our family again, it is hard not to contemplate violence against those who don’t care if they kill.”

A Twitter commenter asked Kurt: “Antimaskers did this? How do people who wear masks get it then?” He shot back: “Bec[a]use you F***ING MORON, masks primarily protect other people. And since 40% of the infected are asymptomatic, the ones without masks are spreading the disease because they don’t give a S*** about killing others. You are either STILL uninformed or too stupid to care.”

In yet another tweet, Eichenwald stated that does not “care” if folks’ children are left orphans if those people don’t take the COVID precautions he thinks they should take.

“If someone is willing to leave the children of innocents without parents, I don’t care if their own kids are orphans. Reap what they sew [sic]. It shouldn’t just be the innocent that suffer,” he snarled.

He also slammed “F***ING ‘Christians’” who will “burn in hell” for their COVID-related “selfishness” and “hypocrisy.”

“You F***ing ‘Christians’ who preen about God saving you from COVID so you don’t need masks. You’re what Jesus condemns,” Eichenwald wrote. “You kill with hypocrisy. Read Matthew 25:41-46. If you realize the Bible is about more than hating gays, you’ll realize: For your selfishness, you’ll burn in hell.”

Eichenwald also said he hopes that those who attend New Year’s Eve parties and “risk infecting people” contract the virus themselves, only to suffer and die alone.

This is far from the first time Eichenwald has humiliated himself on Twitter but it ranks at the top of his rants for being unhinged and hateful.

Many are calling Eichenwald out over his meltdown. Murder or even wishing death on others is never a solution.

Remember, Eichenwald wrote on March 1, “The lying of Trump et. al. about coronavirus unfortunately makes people question everything they say. But they’ve been truthful about one important thing: DON’T WEAR A FACE MASK UNLESS YOU ARE SICK! If you are well, it can possibly INCREASE your chance of infection.”

It appears he urged his followers not to cover their faces, then he expressed a desire to beat to death those who followed his initial advice.

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