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Project Veritas uncovers where Warnock REALLY stands on defund the police

The Project Veritas Action Fund has released an explosive video that exposes anti-police and racist rhetoric by a senior staff member in Raphael Warnock’s U.S. Senate campaign in Georgia. The timing could not be worse as the revelation comes just one day before the contentious Georgia high-stakes Senate runoff between Kelly Loeffler (R) and Raphael Warnock (D).

Sasha Williams is Warnock’s director of small business engagement. She was recorded blabbing to a Veritas reporter that the campaign struggles with black voter turnout. She also claimed that police officers and white conservatives do not have the best interests of the black community at heart which could potentially hurt Warnock in the runoff this week.

“It is quite shocking to hear such blatant attacks against law enforcement, most of whom work tirelessly to keep some of our most dangerous cities safe,” said Project Veritas Action Fund founder and CEO James O’Keefe. He’s known for his ‘gotcha’ moments where he exposes individuals on video saying things they would never admit to in public.

Warnock is a known ardent advocate for defunding the police. Williams said the majority of police officers are not good people.

“You know police officers are not all good, you know what I am saying? Most of them are bad, we know that,” she shockingly stated.

“Conservative white Republicans who basically have no value for black lives. So that’s why it’s kind of like black lives matter, but it’s a shame that in the 2000s that we even have to bring that up — but it’s kind of like only police lives matter,” she said. Williams embodies the racism that Warnock has denied over and over again and her words belie his denials.

Williams flatly affirmed that Warnock wants to defund the police with the Veritas journalist. He has decried “police power showing up in a kind of gangster and thug mentality.”

Journalist: “But he [Warnock] is on our side for defunding these suckers in blue, these police? He’s on our side on that?”

Sasha Williams: “Absolutely! Absolutely!”

Williams went on to say that she is concerned over black-on-black violence in Atlanta. She says racism is not to blame for that.

“There is a lot of crime going on in the City of Atlanta by black people against black people. There are black people killing each other inside the City of Atlanta…Things are happening that we need to address,” she admitted to the reporter.

Williams also stated that the Warnock campaign is having difficulty getting black voters to the polls.

“We have to touch black voters a minimum of nine times to remind them to go vote. A minimum. That’s why everybody’s inundated with text messages, and phone calls…That’s the reality,” she said.

Raphael Warnock faces off against incumbent Georgia Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler on Jan. 5 with public safety policies being a priority issue for both candidates. But issues such as racial bias, police defunding, pro-choice on abortion, and funds from supporters who have communist ties are dogging Warnock into the runoff.

Many consider Warnock to be a far-left, radical socialist who doesn’t support police officers or military service members.

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