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Janice Dean slams Cuomo’s office over thinly-veiled ‘bully tactic’

Janice Dean of Fox News has been among Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s fiercest critics.

In a lengthy and scathing op-ed published Monday, Dean, a senior meteorologist, again slammed the New York Democrat for his behavior during the pandemic and mishandling the situation to the point of needlessly costing thousands of his constituents, including both of her in-laws, their lives.

But Dean spent a considerable portion of her piece, published Monday on Fox’s website, making a credible case that Cuomo is a bully intent on hiding the facts of how he has failed his state. That carried over onto Twitter where she explained how Cuomo attempted to avoid criticism for his wretched performance.

“We reached out to @NYGovCuomo’s office last night re: my OpEd. They reacted right away wanting an embargoed copy. We said they could read it at 5am and give reaction then. They asked my producer Sam to ask us the exact date my in-laws died and what nursing home they were in,” she tweeted.

“My producer Sam called my husband because I was asleep,” Dean continued. “He said to tell the governor we’re not comfortable giving out information until you give @TheJusticeDept the total number of all the senior deaths. It was a bully tactic which they’re known for and I addressed in the essay.”

We reached out to @NYGovCuomo’s office again this morning before my appearance on @foxandfriends and we never heard back,” she added she posted the op-ed on Twitter. “I will not be bullied by @NYGovCuomo or his administration. The end.”

You don’t have to be a journalist to be disturbed by the fact that Cuomo and his minions wanted to see the article before it went to print. But Dean makes it clear that such a demand fits Cuomo’s pattern of wanting to control his critics and their message.

Throughout her very long recounting of Cuomo’s record on COVID, beyond the fact that he risked elderly citizens by ordering that the sick be sent back among the healthy, Dean zeroes in on how Cuomo and his staff badgered and stonewalled people, like her, who demanded answers.

As one example, she suggests Cuomo or his staff were behind her being uninvited from testifying about her family to a legislative committee. She also pointed out that Cuomo and his staff have refused to provide information to or simply bullied families, journalists, nonprofit groups and others, including Justice Department officials, who want to know why so many died.

“Not only has Cuomo and his administration failed to provide any information …, he also prefers to blame others for his disastrous mandate and instead says all of it is politically motivated,” she wrote.

“The list of people and things Cuomo has blamed for his error is quite lengthy.  They include God, Mother Nature, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, President Trump, the New York Post, Fox News, nursing home workers, and nursing home visitors. At one point, he seemingly blamed the seniors themselves: ‘Older people, vulnerable people, are going to die from this virus. That is going to happen. Despite whatever you do.'”

“Had the governor admitted his terrible decisions instead of making posters, plastic mountains and coronavirus artwork, many of us would’ve forgiven him. Had he written condolence cards instead of books about “leadership” I probably would not be speaking up on behalf of other grieving families,” Dean wrote.

“Perhaps in lieu of joking around with his brother on CNN about his love life, doing puff pieces with People magazine or submitting videotape for the Emmy Awards, the governor could have been meeting with families and expressing sorrow for their loss. And if Cuomo had admitted early on that he was caught by surprise by a once in a lifetime pandemic, we would have understood.”

But, she concluded, “Your mistakes cost us the lives of our family members, governor,” she concluded. “But rest assured, we, the People will be strong in our fight for answers and accountability. And the more you try to silence us, the louder our voices will become.”

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