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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has no patience for CNN reporter’s ‘gotcha’ attempts

After watching President Donald Trump over the past four years, Republicans should have learned that our debased national media deserve neither respect nor tolerance if they are unwilling to give them, and are going instead to act like activists instead of gatherers of facts.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to have picked up on that.

CNN’s Rosa Flores tried to pull a tactic that her network colleague Jim Acosta has become infamous for: Grandstanding for the camera with a mini-soliloquy disguised as a question.

At a press conference on Monday, Flores begins her “question” by asking: “Governor, what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine?” She then begins to tick off a litany of circumstances that she believes DeSantis doesn’t know about.

DeSantis responds by stopping her in mid-sentence, and starts to give an answer. Alas, she persisted, prompting DeSantis to cut her off.

“You just said what has gone wrong. so I’m answering your question,” he said. When Flores tried to restart her list of accusations, the governor stopped her again.

“So, you gonna give a speech or ask the question? You asked the question, I’m gonna answer it,” he said.

“I’m trying to finish my question,” Flores said. To which DeSantis replied, “You’re giving a speech. You asked the question.”

When she tried yet again, DeSantis refused to go for it: “You gonna ask how many questions? You get three? They only got one question. Why do you get three?” the governor said, gesturing toward the rest of the media.

When Flores again complained about not unloading all her negativity, DeSantis said, “You finished the question.”

But DeSantis wasn’t done.

He patiently allowed her to go on, and Flores raised the question of elderly people waiting in line overnight to get the vaccine. Flores gave the governor a couple of examples after he asked where that occurred, he then asked, “Did you investigate why that happened?”

Flores shot back that he was the governor, which is why she was asking him.

Viewers then got a brief but eye-opening glimpse of why the media are bad at their jobs – and why Trump has treated them as he has.

DeSantis said one reason for the wait times is that the state distributed the vaccine – of which there is a limited amount – to local hospitals and in these cases, it appears the hospitals said “first come, first served” rather than encouraging people to make appointments through the state’s online scheduler.

Said Flores: “So are you saying there was no plan?” – even after DeSantis outlined the plan.

“The state is not dictating to hospitals” how to do their jobs, the governor continued. “That would be a total disaster.”

Which pretty much sums up Flores’s encounter with him.

In true CNN fashion, however, they were able to make their political point: The chyron on the screen during the segment – which began with Flores whining that the governor “wouldn’t even let me finish asking my questions” – noted DeSantis “lashes” out at the Flores over Florida’s “chaotic” rollout.

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