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14 Delicious Foods That Pair Perfectly With We The People’s Cabernet Sauvignon

By: We The People Wines

Great food and great wine are two of life’s simple pleasures. And while both can be enjoyed on their own, finding the perfect food and wine pairings can take your evening to another level. 

Of course, there is no such thing as a wrong food and wine pairing, per se. You can enjoy your glass with anything you want! However, some foods work better than others to bring out the notes in your wine, thereby enhancing the overall wine-drinking experience. 

We The People wanted to help you find the perfect food pairings for our wine. Whether you are planning on hosting a dinner party, a date night or just want something fun for after work, we want to help you create a fine-dining experience in the comfort of your own home. Let’s get started with our cabernet sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon:

When you think about cabernet sauvignon, think about your jammy fruits: blackberries and raspberries. (Those flavors will be important to keep in mind as you walk down the aisles of the grocery store.) Usually aged in oak barrels, cabernets tend to have a full-bodied, fruit-forward, and often dry taste — due to the tannins –, so your traditional cab isn’t necessarily something you’d want to drink on a hot, summer afternoon. 

We The People’s cabernet sauvignon, however, is not traditional. Though our cab is still full-bodied and fruit-driven, our selection offers a higher acidity and fewer tannins than you’d typically find in other cabernets. What does this mean? Well, it means that your mouth won’t be as dry when drinking through our bottle, and the more delicate body makes our selection super easy and fun to pair with foods. 

Before we get started: Though there is no “wrong” food pairing, we do recommend you avoid spicy foods altogether when drinking cabernet. Spice clashes with the taste of the wine, so your tastebuds will get confused, and both your delicious food and wine could end up tasting pretty lackluster. But don’t worry, there are plenty of other delicious food options to choose from. 

For cheese lovers: We recommend pairing our cabernet sauvignon with hard cheeses, such as sharp cheddar or gouda. Because cabernets are full-bodied, you need to find foods that can simultaneously stand up to the taste without competing with it. Hard cheeses fit that bill perfectly. 

For the meat lovers: We recommend pairing our cabernet with anything that has a lot of fat to it. So, you can grill your favorite cut of steak, or roast a nice rack of lamb. If you want to go a more casual route, we recommend pairing our cab with barbecue or hamburgers. The smokey profile of these selections will work to enhance the flavors in our wine, without overpowering it. 

For the vegetarian: Fear not! Our cab pairs well with vegetarian options, too. Our favorite pairing? A portobello burger or black bean burger. Again, the strong, smokey taste will make the wine drinking experience that much more pleasurable. 

For the dessert lovers: Because our cabernet is robust, we recommend you pair it with rich chocolate desserts. Want to really enhance your wine’s flavor profile? We suggest you pair it with a chocolate raspberry cake. The raspberries in the cake will bring out the raspberry profile in the wine. Don’t want all that fruit? That’s ok! Try brownies or your favorite dark chocolate bar. 

For Italian lovers: What could be better than Italian food and wine? If pasta is your dish of choice, we recommend that you pair our wine with anything that has a robust red sauce. The acidity in the wine will pair well with the acidity found in the tomatoes. Our favorites? Eggplant parmesan and Spaghetti Bolognese. Our wine also tastes great with pizza, so if you’ve had a long day and are in dire need of pizza delivery, go for it. We’re right there with you. 

Wine is meant to be enjoyed, and what better way to enjoy a glass of wine than with a delicious meal? Drink up!

Proceeds from every purchase of We The People wine goes directly to conservative causes and campaigns. For more information, please visit wethepeople.wine/about.

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