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Now we’re allowed to say it! ‘Growing body of evidence’ that COVID-19 was leaked from lab

Before he was torching The New York Times with an op-ed promoting the commonsense idea that, as cops pull back, the government may need troops to quell riots, Sen. Tom Cotton ignited liberals by pointing out that an unprecedented virus without a cure may be the work of man, rather than nature.

Eleven months ago, the Arkansas Republican pointed out that Wuhan, China, where the coronavirus originated, was also home to a sophisticated bioweapons lab, and that phenomenon might require some investigation. For attempting to put two and two together, Cotton was smacked by lefties for promoting a theory they defined with adjectives like “fake,” “debunked,” “false,” and “conspiracy.”

But now, per Fox News, Matthew Pottinger, Trump’s deputy national security adviser, recently told a group of British lawmakers during a Zoom call that evidence is mounting that COVID-19 was lab-manufactured.

“There is a growing body of evidence to say that a laboratory leak or accident is very much a credible possibility,” Pottinger told the group. “Even establishment figures in Beijing have openly dismissed the wet market story.”

The “wet market story” was that Patient Zero, whoever that was, somehow contracted the virus from interaction with infected bats available at an open-air market in Wuhan.

Fox News duly noted that the exact origin of the virus has yet to be determined, and that the World Health Organization, which has been accused of simply parroting the Chinese government’s line on the pandemic, is set to investigate that in the coming days. The Trump administration actually pulled America out of the WHO for the agency’s cozy relationship with Beijing.

But the network also noted that the Chinese government has clamped down on outside efforts to find out exactly how the virus started and spread so rapidly.

The Daily Mail, a London news outlet, was the first to report on Pottinger’s comments.

That newspaper interviewed Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of Britain’s Conservative Party, who was on the call with Pottinger.

Smith seemed open to the idea that COVID-19 was a lab creation.

“The truth is there are people who have been in those labs who maintain that this is the case,” he said. “We don’t know what they have been doing in that laboratory. They may well have been fiddling with bat coronaviruses and looking at them and they made a mistake. I’ve spoken to various people who believe that to be the case.”

Pottinger’s comments also have prompted action by lawmakers – in Britain.

Members of Parliament Tom Tugendhat and Tobias Ellwood, both from the Conservative Party, have called for the British government to follow up on Pottinger’s accusation, The Sun, of London, reports.

Ellwood said Britain’s leaders must demand answers from the Chinese.

“China’s continued silencing of any local voices who dare to speak out and the ongoing removal of all online commentary suggest the authorities have something to hide,” Ellwood told The Sun. “Britain should join Australia in formally demanding answers for until there is clarity.”

Last May, Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison advocated for the WHO to conduct a transparent investigation of the virus’s origin that would not be tainted by Beijing’s meddling or political pressure.

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