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Barstool Sports founder slams CNN for ignoring fundraiser to help small businesses

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy is slamming CNN for not covering his monster fundraiser that has collected millions of dollars for small businesses struggling to get through the coronavirus pandemic. While CNN is supporting Beyoncé offering $5,000 grants to help 100 people facing foreclosures or evictions due to the housing crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Barstool Sports is raising millions to help small businesses keep afloat. CNN has totally ignored the fundraising.

“OK, I’ve been rant raving lately about the plight of small business in the United States. New York City just shut down indoor dining, it’s like how do you expect these people to survive?” said founder Dave Portnoy in a December video on social media.

In December, Portnoy launched “The Barstool Fund” for small businesses in need of financial aid. Companies can apply by email for assistance with needs such as rent or tax payments, so long as they have continued to pay their employees throughout the pandemic.

“If you meet that and you’re a small business that’s been around for a little bit, or maybe not, but if it’s a gym, restaurant, bar and you’re not going to be able to survive the next couple of months, send us an email,” Portnoy invited.

Portnoy started the fund with $500,000 of his own money. Since it started, the movement has become a viral sensation. It has raised more than $18 million so far “from 139,500 individual donations and has supported roughly 74 small businesses” across the country since Dec. 17.

Big-name donators include NFL superstar Tom Brady and Food Network host Guy Fieri. Musician Kid Rock announced in a tweet on Monday that he will commit $100,000 towards the Barstool Sports fund to support small businesses impacted by coronavirus-related restrictions.

“THIS IS THE AMERICA I LOVE!,” the singer-songwriter wrote. “Put me down for 100k. And I only post this in hopes others as blessed as me may be moved to help out.”

Kid Rock’s contribution appears to be the second-largest donation made to the fund so far. Second only to that of Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy himself.

Most of the mainstream media, including CNN, has ignored the fundraising. So, on Sunday, Portnoy took a swipe at CNN over their support of the “BeyGOOD Impact Fund.”

“This is great. I wonder if there are any other charities going on that are helping Americans with the corona pandemic that could use press coverage to help raise more money?” Portnoy snarked, adding three cricket emojis.

CNN has made no mention of Portnoy’s efforts on-air or online, but they aren’t alone. MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC have similarly skipped coverage of The Barstool Fund, as has The New York Times and The Washington Post. It’s almost as if it doesn’t fit their political narrative.

Portnoy has been regularly sharing recordings of FaceTime conversations with small business owners, as well as their emotional reactions to the news that they will be beneficiaries of The Barstool Fund.

Portnoy’s latest video is, as he called it, “waterworks city.”

On Monday, Portnoy posted a video of the fund’s latest recipient learning the news that his family business had been selected to receive payments from Barstool and issued a plea for further private donors to assist in the efforts.

“We already posted the Shinn Cleaners call,” Portnoy tweeted in a message accompanying the video. “But here is the video of the daughter telling the dad. Waterworks city.”

In the video, the daughter approaches her father and reminds him that she had reached to apply for the Barstool Fund’s help, and upon hearing the news that they would receive assistance from the effort, her dad broke down.

“That is so fantastic,” he says, before being overcome with emotion. The father expressed his gratitude to Portnoy, and had difficulty getting out the words as he explained they needed it “so bad.”

Other business owners have tearfully thanked Portnoy as well. He has provided a lifeline to them and their employees that no one else has.

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