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‘Coffin’ on WH grounds linked to DeSantis’ destruction of CNN flunky

Now, for something completely different and yet shockingly the same. Yesterday, the buzz on social media was that a coffin was spotted on the White House grounds during a report by Emerald Robinson of NewsMax. So many things run through your mind… did someone die? Why would they show a coffin when they know the media is watching? Is President Trump making a statement on election fraud? But Robinson had the snark of the day and it was just hysterical… it’s an ode to Governor DeSantis of Florida smacking down a CNN reporter after a brain-numbing and insulting question about the coronavirus vaccine rollout.

On Tuesday, Robinson was filing a video report from the White House. In the course of her remarks, there was some mundane activity taking place behind her that some people picked up on. Yeah, they went there immediately assuming what they saw was a coffin. It was actually a stack of wood. But Robinson was not one to let a good joke go to waste. And it was epic.

JUDYinAMERICA tweeted: “Omg! That is a COFFIN! That is a dam coffin! What the hell!? In front of the White House on a tractor while she is reporting! What the hell.”

To that tweet, Robinson didn’t miss a beat and retorted: “Today’s joke: I’m told the object seen behind me is where they’re putting the CNN reporter who Gov. DeSantis humiliated recently.” That was a massive slam dunk.

A little background on the DeSantis viral encounter with the CNN flunky who tried to blame him for coronavirus vaccine distribution issues at local hospitals.

CNN reporter Rosa Flores shouted during a press conference: “Governor, what has gone wrong with the rollout of the vaccine that we’ve seen phone lines jammed, websites crashing?”

DeSantis started to answer Flores by informing her there was a lot of demand in the state for the vaccine.

Flores demanded that she be able to finish her ‘question’. After DeSantis finally let her finish, she asked about “senior citizens waiting overnight” in several counties for the vaccine.

The governor asked her if she investigated why this happened, and she claimed she was asking him why. It was sheer calculated deflection. DeSantis scolded her for not bothering to investigate, and then explained that these hospitals had announced that they had the vaccine and that it was first come first serve to get it. He stated that these hospitals didn’t use a registration system and there’s simply a lot of demand for getting the vaccine. That’s why there were long vaccine lines.

The CNN reporter then tried to blame the governor for not having a plan to ensure senior citizens didn’t wait outside overnight to get the vaccine. But DeSantis smacked her down hard, saying “the state is not dictating to hospitals” how to run their operations. He said “that would be a total disaster,” noting that hospitals “are much more competent to be able to deliver healthcare services than a state government could ever be.”

The reporter could not be bothered to actually investigate her claims. If she had, she would have realized that the state isn’t to blame, but rather it’s how the hospitals have decided to distribute the vaccine.

Flores intended to take advantage of the situation and weaponize it to attack DeSantis for her CNN segment. Jim Acosta is doing a slow clap somewhere with a smirk on his mug as you can tell by his tweet.

“Actually our @RosaFlores does a fantastic job here insisting that the governor answer the question. It’s too bad DeSantis frequently interrupts and insults Rosa. But we’ve seen that routine before,” Acosta tweeted. Yes, many times… by Acosta, so he would know.

And all of CNN backs the attacks just as you would expect. On-air Tuesday evening, a CNN anchor called DeSantis an “ass” for his treatment of Flores.

Kudos to Robinson for capturing the absolute essence of what DeSantis did in the viral exchange. May Flores rest in peace.

We certainly could use more humorous reporting these days to lighten up the apocalyptic hellstorm in politics the nation is going through currently. Dark humor fits the day.

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