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DeSantis tops off embarrassing smackdown of CNN reporter with more bug-squashing

When all else fails, call someone you disagree with names. It works for little kids so CNN thinks it must be a tried and true tactic to be utilized when ‘reporting’. On Tuesday, Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) got into it with CNN’s Rosa Flores and the heated exchange went viral. This caused other CNN so-called journalists to come to her aid. Jim Acosta tweeted that he was proud of Flores. CNN host Brianna Keilar dialed it up a notch and referred to DeSantis as an “ass” live on-air while interviewing CNN reporter Rosa Flores. So very professional.

The Republican rockstar dismissed the attacks when asked about it, saying, “It doesn’t impact me.” It was a sticks and stones moment. DeSantis took the high road while CNN wallowed in the muck where they seem to be more than comfortable these days.

All this mudslinging at DeSantis occurs after Flores confronted the governor during a news conference on Monday where she tried to blame him for the COVID vaccine backlog in Florida. She queried him on the cause of wait lines experienced by seniors in the state seeking to receive the recently approved COVID-19 vaccines after Florida prioritized citizens age 65 and over. She gave it her all to make DeSantis look bad and it backfired spectacularly.

There was a tense back-and-forth where DeSantis explained that hospitals were in charge of administering the vaccines rather than his office issuing directives, saying “these people are much more competent to be able to deliver health services than a state government could ever be.”

Enter CNN reporter Jim Acosta who hotly defended Flores, stating that she “does a fantastic job here insisting that the governor answer the question. It’s too bad DeSantis frequently interrupts and insults Rosa. But we’ve seen that routine before.” Acosta should know given his deplorable behavior and less than stellar journalism over the last several years.

Then, Keilar decided to try and get some of the limelight in the fray by calling DeSantis an “ass” for his treatment of Flores during a live interview.

“I want to commend you on keeping your composure and for viewers that are not familiar with the totality of your reporting on coronavirus in Florida,” Keilar told Flores. “I think maybe one of the reasons the governor might have been frustrated is that you have been a tireless questioner of Governor DeSantis as Florida has had a number of issues with its coronavirus response, which might be part of the reason why he was being such an ass, instead of just answering your question at a time when Floridians need answers and their health and their lives are at stake.”

Keilar added that “Florida is — has become a cautionary tale, and it didn’t have to be this way,” and that Flores’ reporting “has been illuminating that all along.”

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson in turn had DeSantis on his show Tuesday evening and asked the governor for his reaction to CNN’s treatment of him in comparison to the kid gloves the network shows New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. His brother is CNN host Chris Cuomo.

That seems fair considering Governor Cuomo issued an executive order sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes early in the pandemic. He was blamed by loved ones of elderly residents who passed away from COVID-19 for their deaths. But CNN has highlighted the New York Democrat on the show of his brother making him out to be some kind of hero over his handling of the pandemic. Governor Cuomo has narcissistically written a book about his leadership during the ongoing pandemic and has unbelievably won an Emmy Award for his communication style which many would contend waivers somewhere between non-existent and mobbish.

Governor DeSantis has been treated quite differently even though his state is at the top of the list for handling the virus proactively and for having fewer deaths than most out there.

“You know what, I don’t seek validation by the media,” DeSantis told Tucker. “What I seek is supporting the citizens of my state, and I can’t tell you, as this pandemic has worn on, the number of times someone has come up to me with tears in their eyes saying, ‘If it wasn’t for you, my kid would not be in school, and I would not have my job.'”

“That is why I’m in this job,” he added.

“Do you think you’d get fair treatment from CNN if your brother had a primetime show on that channel?” Carlson asked the Florida governor on Tuesday.

DeSantis laughed, saying, “You know, I think it’s pretty clear some of these networks, obviously, they have agendas. They’re doing narratives, they’re not trying to report facts anymore. It’s all about spinning whatever narrative they think can get ratings, and that’s just the reality of the situation.”

He added, “It doesn’t impact me. We’re gonna continue keeping our eye on the ball and working as hard as we can to deliver results.”

Meanwhile, over at CNN, the ‘I know you are, but what am I?’ crowd are dreaming up new non-gender names to throw at DeSantis who doesn’t even have to duck to miss them these days.

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