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U.S. Postal Service lives up to stellar reputation by wishing Americans a timely Happy Thanksgiving!

As America grapples with a pandemic, looming political and financial catastrophes, and what to tweet out to that guy who dissed you at dinner last night, it’s good to know that at least one American stalwart can be depended on to live up to its reputation. That’s right… the U.S. Postal Service has your back, although there may be a bit of a delay. At least they are Johnny-on-the-spot wishing all of us a very Happy Thanksgiving just five days into the New Year.

Would you be surprised if the postal service delivered Happy Thanksgiving postcards and wishes for a joyful holiday season this week? I wouldn’t be. As an example, a friend of mine mailed five pieces of mail at the beginning of December back East. One mailpiece made it and the other four just disappeared. Those were checks mind you. Personally, this has been the worst year for mail delivery I have ever seen. 75% of orders delivered to our home are either damaged or don’t show up at all. That’s progress.

With such professionalism and given the millions of tax dollars dumped into the postal service, why should anyone wonder if their ballot in 2020’s presidential election made it to the counting center? I’m sure they all got there right after the electoral votes were cast.

Making things even better, private carriers FedEx and UPS are now rerouting surging mail volumes through the overwhelmed postal service. That should turn out really great.

“We’re really gridlocked all over the place,” said a Postal Service transportation manager in Ohio. “UPS and FedEx have shut us off. Nobody can keep up right now, but we don’t have the luxury of turning people down. They’re sitting on so much mail right now that it’s almost one day at a time in these facilities.”

A letter carrier in Detroit reported that colleagues around the city were assigned two eight-hour routes each day one week to make up for missing employees and pallets full of undelivered boxes. In the first two weeks of December, nearly one of every five work hours within the entire agency was an overtime hour, according to public payroll data.

A letter carrier in Philadelphia said supervisors were rerouting employees to facilities all over the city to dig out from growing backlogs. Their organizational skills are truly impressive, aren’t they?

“I don’t think anyone, including the post office itself, knows just how bad delays are,” the Philadelphia carrier said. I absolutely believe that since they couldn’t find their own delivery trucks without a flashlight and a map.

Meanwhile, my cat litter wound up in Dallas… I’m not kidding. A wooden toolbox that was a gift to my husband arrived absolutely shattered. It’s good to know our tax dollars are being so wisely spent here.

I’m still receiving Christmas cards so the post office’s wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving are right in line with all of this. Anyone for reviving the Pony Express? Carrier pigeons? Gotta be cheaper and more dependable than the almighty U.S. Postal Service.

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