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‘I think we should show it’: Lemon, Cuomo lament edited clip of Trump supporter being shot

While the country was reeling from the violence on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, CNN hosts Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo were editorially debating whether they should show the video of a Trump-supporter being shot during the protest that occurred there. Ashli Babbitt was the name of the victim who was shot and killed by police after climbing through a window during the protest. She was from San Diego, CA, she served four tours with the U.S. Air Force and was a high-level security officer throughout her time in service.

Babbitt’s husband said that his wife was “a strong supporter of President Trump and was a great patriot to all who knew her.”

That was summarily ignored by Lemon and Cuomo who went back and forth over whether the shocking video should be shown on-air.

Early Thursday morning, Lemon falsely compared pro-Trump supporters storming and rioting of the Capitol with the Black Lives Matter, anti-police violence demonstrations from this past summer.

“I think it’s apples and oranges. Don’t talk about Black Lives Matter. Don’t talk about the protests,” he said. “Let’s talk about what happened today. This is supposed to be the greatest democracy, in the world. And in that greatest democracy in the world, today, insurrectionists, domestic terrorists, took over the nation’s Capitol and caused someone to die.” But he did not recognize Black Lives Matter or Antifa as such.

“Four people lost their lives, today,” Cuomo pointed out, which prompted Lemon to note one woman was shot and killed in the Capitol during the violent unrest. Three of those four people died from medical emergencies and the media is spinning it as if they also died from violence.

The CNN talking heads then played a short video taken by a documentary crew that captured the moment Babbitt was shot at close range as she and other alleged pro-Trump supporters were breaking windows and trying to breach a locked double door inside the Capitol. As gunfire is heard, the video stops but the audio continued.

“So, you saw what we did there, right? We froze the video to save you the aftermath,” Cuomo condescendingly stated. “I have to be honest with you. This is a discretion call, editorially, that we make to kind of insulate you from the reality of violence. I have always thought it was a mistake.”

“I think we should show it,” Lemon salivated. Both Lemon and Cuomo seemed excited and animated by the death of a Trump supporter.

“I think it’s a mistake at war,” Cuomo said. “I remember the Iraq war and being over there. And you guys lost interest and you didn’t want to see dead bodies, anymore. And I think, when you get numb to it, you start to forget the significance. It matters that she was taken out there, today. It didn’t have to happen. It should have never happened. None of this should be happening.”

“Chris, we showed Ahmaud Arbery being shot on camera,” Lemon said making a dishonest comparison. “We showed George Floyd losing his life on camera. We show a lot of people who are killed by police, mostly black people, black men, being killed on camera. We should show that woman being killed on camera, as well.”

“I don’t make the decisions around here, as to what — there is no difference,” Lemon argued. “A life being lost is a life being lost, regardless of who it is and in what situation. So, I think you are absolutely right. We should show that, to show how horrible these insurrectionists, the horror of their actions, today.” But they didn’t want to do that during the Antifa and BLM protests.

“The reason that we don’t show it is actually the opposite of why we should,” Cuomo said. “Because we’re not in a place where you’re sensitive. We’re insensitive, that’s the problem. That’s why you can have people break into your Capitol today and immediately have it explained away by people.”

Millions of Americans contend that ‘insensitivity’ is not the problem here.

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