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‘Cocktail Cosby’ decided to give some advice to the DC protesters and it’s a HARD pass

Disgraced and imprisoned actor and comedian Bill Cosby evidently heard about the violent protest on Capitol Hill Wednesday. His advice was to peacefully head on home and watch an episode of The Cosby Show. Many believe that advice borders on burying your head in the sand and is a blatant form of self-promotion, but others see it as a call for unity.

The quote from Instagram reads: “Today, I was informed about the shameful assault that was waged on our democracy, the Capitol, and all of those great leaders (U.S. Representatives & Senators) who were elected by “We The People.” We must remember that we all reside under two beautiful colors, red and blue, which simply means we should conduct ourselves peacefully, with the purpose of decency. Therefore, I, Bill Cosby, will recite the words of a great man, who stood strong during the Rodney King riots and said, ‘go home peacefully and find an episode of The Cosby Show to watch,’ Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angeles.” #Democracy #WeThePeople #TomBradley #TheCosbyShow #BillCosby

The comment which was posted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook by Cosby set social media on fire.

Many commenters gave their opinions on Cosby wading in on the protest that left a woman shot and dead on Capitol Hill.

Some were fans – many were not.

Paige tweeted, “Bill, thank you.”

In reply, Constitutionally concerned fed up californian snarkily replied: “Yes, rapists are so awesome when they’re on your side, right?”

In a trend of fandom and then derision, it went on.

Rosie’s girl expressed her unflagging admiration for Cosby: “I will remember and honor you for the barriers you broke down in the 80s. I have always respected your professional career. I am sorry your personal one has given so many cause to denigrate it & sully the strides you made. Some of us still understand the work u did. Thank you.”

William Free retorted: “What other rapists do you admire?”

The assault jokes were legion and more than a little nausea-inducing.

Mike won the award for clever entendre: “If anyone knows about shameful assault its definitely ole cocktail cosby.”

O.J. Simpson was even brought into the mix.

People really should give Cosby a break. He’s in lockdown all the time with nothing better to do. So of course he turns to liberal politics. Wisdom from a rapist behind bars… that’s what America needs in her hour of despair.

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