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Tapper seems to forget who he works for before blaming ‘Trump-enabling media’ for violence

CNN host Jake Tapper is shocked by yesterday’s violence on Capitol Hill. But he’s selectively leveling blame for the tragedy at President Trump and his so-called enablers, including the media. Perhaps Tapper should remember that his own media outlet has spent four years doing nothing but airing everything to do with President Trump non-stop. Obviously, Tapper is referring to media outlets such as Fox News, OANN, The Epoch Times, and The Federalist.

In a stunningly tone-deaf tweet, Tapper asked: “How could this have happened? Ask Trump-enabling politicians and media who have for years ignored warnings that something like this would inevitably happen.”

Warnings of violence have been building in the United States for much longer than four years and many contend that the leftist media has stoked those fires until they finally erupted on Wednesday on Capitol Hill resulting in one death and the certification of President-elect Joe Biden.

Tapper needs to really take a long, hard look at what CNN is doing and has done concerning the damage done to the American way of life.

Those on social media were quick to point out Tapper’s hypocrisy.

Ismat Mangla snarked: “Yes, you and your colleagues at CNN played absolutely no role in any of this! Especially not Jeff Zucker.”

RBe tweeted the obvious: “The funny part is he’s not talking about CNN who basically handed over their network to Trump.”

Stephen L. Miller tweeted: “Sit down, Jake.” That’s excellent advice that Tapper will assuredly not take. He needs some introspection here instead of inciting hatred against all things Trump.

And the other liberal media outlets have also benefited from the Trump presidency and all that has gone on during his administration.

Sam Valley tweeted: “Now that’s no way to talk about Joe Scarborough, and Mika.” Too true.

Tapper doesn’t get it. No media “enabled” Trump more than the liberal media. They gave him neverending airtime and couldn’t get enough of bashing the president. They showcased Trump throughout the 2016 primary season. They laughed with him, promoted him, and encouraged Republican voters to make him the nominee. Then when he won, they attacked him and tried to wash their hands of all blame.

If anyone is responsible for Trump becoming president it is certainly the media who had his face and antics front and center 24 hours a day.

There is never an excuse for violence and yesterday should not have happened, but to claim that the president and his supporters were solely responsible for this tragedy is wickedly disingenuous. Instead, Tapper might want to turn to his colleagues who pretended there was no violence from Antifa or Black Lives Matter and who called anyone who thought there was racist and insane. You can’t have it both ways and there’s plenty of blame to go around.

Tapper is doing his own incitement as well – justifying his network and others in the process.

“All right, Kaitlan Collins, thanks so much. Again, President Trump has spent so much of his presidency accusing his critics of what he is, of what he has done. And I would just like to remember — remind our viewers that President Trump for years has referred to journalists as the enemy of the American people. Ask yourself who’s the enemy of the American people right now. It pretty clearly seems to be President Trump, who’s encouraging a mob, an insurrection to storm the capitol, threatening Democrats and Republicans alike. Somebody left a pipe bomb outside the Republican national committee headquarters today. President Trump has not had one discouraging word to say about any of this. And in many ways, we should not be surprised.”

Other incendiary quotes from Tapper are going viral.

“The definition of sedition is to try to overturn the rule of law through force,” said Tapper. “That is what we are witnessing.”

“We have a name for people who commit violence in the name of various political ideology. We call them terrorists,” Tapper said. “That’s what we call people that commit acts of violence for a political or religious cause.”

“We’re watching an attempt at sedition. We’re watching an attempt at a bloodless coup in the states, Trump supporters stopping the constitutional process, the counting of electors,” he said.

Storming Reince Niebuhr stated on Twitter: “hOw cOuLd tHiS hAvE hApPenEd? Why don’t *you* ask your colleagues who spent the summer normalizing violent lawless mobs?” Excellent idea, or look in the mirror.

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