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Super woke ‘Jeopardy!’ champ explains why it’s a good thing ‘Nazi’ Ashli Babbitt is dead

The eruption of violence at the U.S. Capitol came with tragedy.

A Capitol police officer shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year U.S. Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq an staunch supporter of President Donald Trump, as she participated in the mob that stormed the halls of Congress. Three other protesters died because of as yet unspecified “medical emergencies.”

Most rational and civilized people could condemn the violence and those who perpetrated it, as they should, and still see that it’s terrible that people lost their lives.

But Arthur Chu, who is bright enough to have made a nearly $300,000 haul as a “Jeopardy! contestant, apparently is not among them.

Chu unleashed his vitriol about Babbitt and other Trump backers with a brief thread to his 43,000 followers on Twitter on Thursday.

“Ashley Babbitt (sic) feeding the worms is one of the few good things that happened as a result of the Capitol ‘protest’ and if you feel the need to mourn her Nazi ass it’ll be easier for both of us if you unfollow me now,” Chu wrote.

One Twitter user responded, “Just for clarity, you believe you occupy the moral high ground, do you?”

To which Chu answered, “I believe I occupy the surface of the ground and Ashli occupies a hole beneath it.”

Now, some of us might see that rant as inappropriate for the circumstances.

And some might roll eyes at a liberal tiresomely calling a Trump supporter a “Nazi” for like the millionth time. Obviously, he missed President-elect Joe Biden’s memo urging unity and healing.

But Chu is clearly doing what liberals, and many conservatives who were disgusted by the mob’s actions, now accuse Trump of doing yesterday: inciting people to violence.

In his own twisted way, he is openly telling people, unlike Biden, that killing someone like Ashli Babbitt promotes healing and generates “life.” Hopefully, no one will agree with him and act on it.

Other Twitter users couldn’t resist calling him out for such blatant awfulness:

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