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‘Don’t let that propaganda fool you!’: Geraldo snaps, blames Trump, Cruz, Hawley for violence

President Trump’s (former?) longtime friend Geraldo Rivera went on ‘Fox & Friends’ to lay blame for the Capitol Hill violence on Thursday after stating that Trump has tarnished his legacy. He accused Trump, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), and Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) of dangerous rhetoric and for allegedly inciting Wednesday’s Capitol Hill riot. Brian Kilmeade nor Ainsley Earhardt took issue with Geraldo’s accusations and let him have it.

Rivera praised Trump’s concession speech released Thursday night via Twitter. But then jabbed at the president by saying he wished he made it Tuesday night before he “inspired and incited that mob to storm the capital.”

“There is no doubt the president bears responsibility, and now hearing the Capitol Police officer has succumbed to his injuries sustained…it is absolutely inexcusable, it’s a dark stain on American history. I want the Trump term to end a soon as possible on January 20th.” Then he dismissed calls for impeachment or invocation of the 25th Amendment by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Geraldo went on doubling down: “History will judge [Trump], and it is something grotesquely disappointing to me what happened, and I tell you I blame senator Josh Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz much as I blame the president.” He said they knew that there was no Constitutional, judicial or legislative path to overturn the election, and yet “they went along with that phony challenge…”

Steve Doocy then asked Rivera, “Why did they do that, Geraldo?”

“They did it because they are in competition for the Donald Trump constituency,” Geraldo stated, suggesting the motives of Hawley and Cruz are deeply cynical and craven political plays. He did not mention the constitutionality of their queries or the fact that they represent the wishes of 75 million voters over voter fraud concerns.

Brian Kilmeade slammed Rivera, “You don’t know that!” He said that Geraldo can’t truly know what’s in the hearts and minds of these two senators. Geraldo Rivera has always been a liberal Democrat and is now capitalizing on the misfortune and tragedies surrounding President Trump. Many would say that is very typical of Geraldo.

Ainsley Earhardt finally interrupted and asked “what about” the unhinged shooter of Rep. Steve Scalise, who is reported to have been a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Geraldo snapped and yelled, “Don’t believe the propaganda!”

Geraldo also stated in another interview:

“I was absolutely horrified by what I saw. I saw insurrection, I saw a mob incited by the president of the United States,” said Rivera. “It was one of the most depressing, alarming sights I’ve ever seen. The language he used was so incendiary. He’s been a friend of mine for many, many years. I supported him very strongly. But to watch what happened yesterday was appalling, it was anti-Democratic. It was something I hope never to see again.”

On Thursday, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell also went after Geraldo over his attacks against Trump.

“I think [former Attorney General William Barr] is exactly right,” Rivera said. “Donald Trump incited that grotesque attack on the Capitol building yesterday. He bears responsibility. As his friend, I’m deeply ashamed for him and for all of us.”

“How dare you, Geraldo. That sounds like Democratic talking points,” Terrell shot back. “All Trump said yesterday was, ‘Go down to the Capitol,’”

Terrell went on when Rivera tried to interrupt. “Let me finish. I listened to the Democratic Kool-Aid,” Terrell said. “You heard [President-elect] Joe Biden today, [Washington, D.C. Mayor] Muriel Bowser — they are using this for Democratic talking points. All President Trump did — you can shake your head all you want — is express his disappointment. He did not order those individuals to go down there.”

Terrell was not brooking any interruptions by Geraldo.

“May I finish, please?” Terrell said. “May I finish? There were criminals who invaded the Capitol building, and they should be prosecuted. But the Democrats sat on their hands over the summer while the rioters destroyed Democratic cities — [such as] Seattle. For Joe Biden to play the race card today, to say there would have been a different treatment for Black protesters? Those are criminals! Criminals should be treated one way.”

“When you say go, ‘Down there’ … what the hell do you think is going to happen when they get there?” Geraldo said. “If you light a fuse on a stick of dynamite and it blows up, it’s your responsibility.”

“Come on, now. I’m a lawyer for 30 years. If you go down and say, ‘Go down to the capitol building and express your disappointment,’ that is not a criminal act. You know that Geraldo and the nation knows that. What those people did, go inside the building, damage the property, that is criminal activity. Donald Trump never recommended, suggested, or told those people to go and break and enter the Capitol building.”

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