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The ACLU invokes ALL the minority cards in struggle to defend free speech on Twitter

The ACLU has sort of, kind of come out against Facebook and Twitter for banning speech they don’t approve of, which includes President Trump. They issued a statement on Friday night that they “understand the desire to permanently suspend” President Trump but “it should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions — especially when political realities make those decisions easier.”

But here’s the kicker. The ACLU sees Trump being booted from social media and fears that the proverbial ax will come down on liberals as well:

“President Trump can turn to his press team or Fox News to communicate with the public, but others — like the many Black, Brown, and LGBTQ activists who have been censored by social media companies — will not have that luxury.”

Trump actually can’t. Fox News is less than friendly to the president a great deal of the time these days. As far as a press team, Trump certainly won’t have one in a few days. But what Trump can and most likely will do is start a new social media platform or support Parler, where conservatives can still freely voice their opinions… for now. That is unless Amazon yanks their hosting and the Apple Store boots their app which both are threatening to do.

The ACLU is really struggling on this one. But they are swallowing a bitter pill because the monster they helped create in Big Tech is about to stomp on everyone. In the end, the ACLU will only defend progressive speech but that won’t be enough for their overlords either. Perhaps they have forgotten what the ‘civil liberties’ part of their name means.

The ACLU is not the only voice on the left concerned over Big Tech censorship. Model Emily Ratajkowski,29, called out Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for banning President Trump on Facebook and Instagram after the Capitol riots on Wednesday. Again, it was to protect liberals, not free speech. She decried Zuckerberg’s power to blacklist potentially anyone else in the future, but again, mostly leftists.

“This gives Facebook/tech/Zuck THE MOST POWER. If he can shut the president up/off he can shut any of us up/off,” the pregnant star tweeted on Thursday.

“My concern is that this gives big tech the opportunity to shut down ‘left extremists’ who are important political organizers,” Ratajkowski added.

And there it is. Free speech for me, but not for thee. Silence the right, but don’t you dare touch the left.

Ratajkowski seems to want to make sure the left has the option to use Twitter and Facebook to organize a violent takeover of the U.S. government. Just in case… because when the left does it, it’s a protest. When the right does it, it’s insurrection. It’s wrong no matter what side does it by the way.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post:

“The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.”

“His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the U.S. and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect — and likely their intent — would be to provoke further violence.”

“We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.”

On Friday, Twitter banned Trump permanently.

First, they came for the Trump supporters, then the censors came for the leftists… what was that saying about appeasement? Oh yeah: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.” The left should be careful… that crocodile seems to be getting very, very hungry.

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