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Gullible Joy Reid falls for idiotic rumor that Capitol Police removed barricades for rioters

MSNBC’s host of The ReidOut, Joy Reid, never disappoints when it comes to being wildly wrong consistently. On Thursday she fell for a rumor that police willfully removed a barricade to let an unruly crowd enter the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday. Talk about fake news. Reid fervently wished this were the case and it backfired spectacularly. Even leftist media outlets called her out on it.

Reid is no stranger to negative headlines. She has claimed false things in the past with regards to being hacked on social media and in other instances as well. This time she showed a video that she says ‘appears’ to show Capitol Police removing a barricade to usher in Trump supporters. The only problem is that is not true.

President Donald Trump “unleashed [a] horde of MAGA fanatics on the U.S. Capitol,” Reid dramatically and dishonestly noted on her evening program, The ReidOut. “They faced little resistance from the Capitol Police. There’s even video that appears to show officers moving the barricades to allow the rioters onto the premises.”

First off, Trump did not ‘unleash’ anyone. Those that committed these crimes did so of their own accord. You can’t blame the president for every incident out there. I didn’t see Reid blaming Obama when Black Lives Matter radicals killed police officers. She’s selectively triggered here.

The footage, captured by Marcus DiPaola, shows Capitol Police moving some of the light barricades that surround the Capitol. However, DiPaola himself said in a comment to Politifact, “They definitely didn’t just open the barriers. The pro-Trump rioters made a fist like they were going to punch the cops, which is why I started recording. Then (police) backed off the barricades.”

“They were completely outnumbered,” he added. “There wouldn’t have been any point in fighting.” Portland anyone?

That’s still very bad but it is not the picture Reid is painting here. The police were falling back to protect things as best they could since they were so outnumbered. That does not mean they were assisting the protesters or even condoned what they did.

Reid was slanderous in her analysis of the attack on the Capitol, saying it showed white Americans think they “own the place” and why they “aren’t afraid of the cops”.

“They know that they are not in jeopardy, because the cops are taking selfies with them, walking them down the steps to make sure they’re not hurt, taking care with their bodies, not like how they treated Freddie Gray’s body… white people are never afraid of the cops, even when they’re committing insurrection.”

She added if it were a Black Lives Matter protest “there would already be people shackled, arrested en masse, or dead.”

“They know the cops are cool with it,” Reid added.

That sounds just a teeny bit racist and it sure shows hatred for police officers.

Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran, was shot by Capitol Police as she attempted to enter the House Speaker’s Lobby. She later died from her wounds. Over fifty police officers were injured. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick died on Thursday evening as a result of injuries he sustained during the ordeal. He was allegedly beaten with a fire extinguisher.

As of early Friday, nearly 100 people had been arrested for participating in Wednesday’s unrest, including four charged with unlawfully carrying firearms.

The police are coming under fire for this and resignations abound. The left wants heads on a platter. An investigation into both the death of Babbitt and Sicknick is underway. Perhaps Reid should do a bit more journalistic footwork before she defames the police. But I guess that doesn’t get headlines or likes on social media.

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