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Sorry liberals, it’s all you can weep: Olive Garden did not revoke Hannity’s lifetime pasta pass

This is hilarious. A hoax tweet went viral on Friday that the Olive Garden had revoked Fox News host Sean Hannity’s “lifetime pasta pass.” Hannity loves the restaurant and was quick to state this was fake news. He has never even had a “lifetime pasta pass.” But he sure does love their pasta, breadsticks, and salads. Sorry to disappoint liberals… it’s an all-you-can-weep buffet over at Olive Garden. Here’s a tissue.

The tweet went viral very quickly after an image was posted by artist Louie Mantia Jr., which he has since deleted.

“This morning I made a ‘social media statement’-style joke image as if it had come from Olive Garden, and I want to talk about why I made it and why I deleted it,” Mantia later clarified on Friday. “Just so I’m abundantly clear: it’s not a real statement.” Lawsuit possibly avoided.

The Olive Garden, who found themselves at the center of a political hit job, also chimed in on Friday. An Olive Garden spokesperson reiterated that the claim, which was professionally rendered to mimic a real public relations statement, was false.

“The tweet you’re referring to is fake. It was not issued by Olive Garden,” the franchise’s spokesperson told The Wrap.

The viral post read:

“At Olive Garden, ‘We’re all family here.’ Our traditions, like unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks, have been enjoyed by many guests from all over the country and throughout the entire political spectrum.”

“It has come to our attention that a few of our guests had taken part in a viscous [sic] attack on our nation’s Capitol. We have worked with the FBI and the Holiday Inn in Washington D.C. to identify several guests who both frequented our restaurants and participated in the violent uprising against our government this week.”

“In response, Olive Garden has invalidated our Never Ending Pasta Pass for several guests and revoked a Lifetime Pasta Pass for Sean Hannity.”

“Olive Garden is dedicated to creating a safe and delightful environment for our guests with what we call Hospitaliano. This year has been difficult for many of us, and we cannot wait to see you and your family smiling and in our restaurants once again. Until that time, your favorite dishes from Olive Garden are available to order online for both pick up and delivery.”

One might wonder where this hoax has roots. It stems from fake news from a controversy that started after that bastion of solid journalism CNN and their intrepid host Anderson Cooper mocked pro-Trump protesters who stormed the Capitol and then allegedly went back to an Olive Garden to eat following their “insurrectionist conduct” on Wednesday. Later, Cooper would proclaim that he is not ‘too fancy’ for the Olive Garden and loves their artichoke dip.

The artistic satire got Hannity riled up who defended the restaurant as well as Trump supporters. He wasn’t so generous when it came to CNN’s Anderson Cooper who started all of this with a bit of snark he thought was clever.

“I’ve said many times this week, I love Olive Garden. They have unlimited salad, the most delicious garlic breadsticks, great pasta. Yeah, they have clubs. You can get pasta for life, as much as you can eat. Hot doughnuts with chocolate or caramel, you put it on top, powdered sugar, awesome,” Hannity said.

“But today a menacing report surfaced that Olive Garden had revoked my never-ending pasta pass,” Hannity said tongue-in-cheek.

“I never signed up for the pasta pass, first of all, it’s fake news. And by the way, um, I still plan on ordering from my local Olive Garden or wherever I happen to be traveling soon. Unless they ban me, which would be very, very sad, a sad day in my life.”

Of course, Sean’s humor was lost on liberals who somehow thought he was doing an Olive Garden commercial. Lighten up guys… have a breadstick. I hear there are plenty to go around.

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