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‘I don’t vote based on my skin’: GOP Rep puts CNN hack in his place in must-read smackdown

Florida GOP Congressman Rep. Byron Donalds put a CNN hack solidly in his seat after he called on Donalds to resign in disgrace for being the only Black representative to object to the Electoral College count Wednesday. That’s not going to happen and furthermore, Donalds is not going to allow his race to be used against him.

“I’m not going to be dissuaded. I’m not going to be afraid. I’m gonna put both feet down in the sand and I’m going to stand for what I believe no matter what the left thinks,” Rep. Byron Donalds, a member of the Republican “Freedom Force,” said Saturday. He took that CNN pundit to the woodshed and whipped him with the truth.

Following the Capitol riots, CNN’s Keith Boykin tweeted a photo of Donalds with President Trump, claiming the freshman member “voted to disenfranchise Black voters and to block a Black woman from becoming vice president.” Those are libelous statements and Donalds was incensed by them. Donalds then proceeded to skewer yet another media cockroach who was looking to bully a conservative using race as a weapon. There are none so racist as those who weaponize it.

Donalds responded that Boykin is “flat-out wrong,” saying “crazy people on the left” think “just because I’m Black I’m only supposed to be a Democrat. I’m only supposed to be a progressive.” Memo to Boykin… he’s referring to you. Seek professional help.

“It shouldn’t have anything to do with the color of my skin,” he said. “I think that as Americans, we have the ability and freedom to speak what we want to speak, think how we want to think, believe what we choose to believe. That’s the basis of this country.”

Game, set, match to the Florida Congressman.

Donalds is no wallflower either. After Trump was permanently suspended by Twitter on Friday and had his account locked by Facebook and Instagram until his term ends and possibly forever, Donalds called the moves “outrageous” and said it should concern all Americans. So should the purge on social media that is taking place right now in real-time.

On Twitter, Donalds responded to Boykin, writing: “I don’t vote based on my skin; I do so in allegiance to our Constitution & to always follow the Rule of Law. Blue checkmarks live to delegitimize my right as a free Black man to act, think, & vote based on my convictions rather than skin color.”

He added: “Also, it’s Congressman to you.” Touche.

Florida Republican U.S. Reps. Brian Mast, Cammack, Buchanan, Matt Gaetz, Byron Donalds, Scott Franklin, John Rutherford, Mike Waltz, Bill Posey, Dan Webster, and Greg Steube were among 140 GOP congressional representatives who said they would object to several states’ Electoral College tallies during the joint congressional session.

“Americans have the right to peacefully protest & demand their government works for them — that doesn’t mean we resort to violence,” tweeted Donalds. “Rule of law must stand during our nation’s brightest & darkest hours & that includes right now. We are better than this. There is no place for anarchy.”

Because Donalds is exercising his constitutional duty in looking into voter fraud and because he did not use the inflammatory rhetoric of the left to condemn the protesters, that’s cause for him to resign in disgrace? Oh, that’s right… it’s because he’s black. Seems to me ‘disgrace’ is subjective and CNN is more than familiar with the term.

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