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ICYMI: Libs cry ‘Electric chair!’ for Vogue cover that doesn’t properly highlight Queen Kamala

Fashion magazines should carry the same clout in our political culture that someone like Democratic Congressman Eric Swalwell does.

Relatively easy on the eyes, entitled to an opinion, but ultimately so empty of intellectual calories that it shouldn’t be taken all that seriously.

But now the fashionable gurus of fashion at Vogue magazine have been thrust into the heart of America’s near-boiling political clash, and revealed that they harbor an underground cabal of Trump supporters. Who knew?

Vogue is now being flogged by its fellow lefties for swapping out photos of its new cover shot of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Glad to know in a world where some Duck Dynasty wannabes can overrun Congress, the Chinese can debilitate the most powerful nation in the world with bat guano, and Joe Biden threatens to light up our TV screens with the best work of his hair-transplant surgeon and Crest Whitestrips – isn’t that racist, Procter & Gamble? – that we’re focusing on the assuredly intense internal deliberations over cover art at Vogue.

As the Associated Press, no less, explains of Vogue’s upcoming cover for February:

According to Harris’s people, “The shot of the country’s soon-to-be No. 2 leader isn’t what both sides had agreed upon.”

“Instead of the powder blue power suit Harris wore for her cover shoot, the first African American woman elected vice president is instead seen in more casual attire and wearing Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers, which she sometimes wore on the campaign trail. Harris‘ team was unaware that the cover photo had been switched until images leaked late Saturday, according to a person involved in the negotiations over how Harris would be featured on the cover. Harris‘ office declined to comment and the person spoke Sunday on condition of anonymity.”

Continuing, the AP reported, “Harris, who is of Jamaican and Indian descent, posed in the light blue suit in front of a gold backdrop for the magazine’s cover. She also posed, more casually dressed in slacks, a blazer and sneakers in front of a pink and green background, for photos that were planned for inside the magazine, the person said. Pink and green are the colors of Harris‘ college sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha.”

“Vogue has released both images online, but the photo of a sneaker-clad Harris is the one that will grace the cover of the fashion bible’s print edition. The person with knowledge of the negotiations said Harris‘ team has expressed to Vogue its disappointment over the magazine’s decision. The cover also generated outrage on social media as posters expressed disappointment in how the magazine decided to present the nation’s first female vice president on its cover,” the AP added.

No less than The Washington Post declared that Vogue “got too familiar too fast.”

One Twitter poster noted of the photo, “You know she’s the most powerfully woman (sic) in THE HISTORY OF US POLITICS, right? What the hell were you going for? How hard did you have to work to make Kamala look like anything other than a well lit goddess of being the damn boss? Shame on you.”

And, of course, it’s racist.

Twitter user MVP Harris posted in a thread, “(Vogue Editor-in-chief) Anna Wintour needs to go. If the only time her team can properly style a black women is when she’s covered in couture then her tenure has ran it course.” MVP Harris added that the photo showed “Anna’s lackluster effort towards black women cover girls.”

The website The Root, which is oriented to Black readers, wrote a story on the controversy under the headline, “Kamala Harris’ 1st Vogue Cover Sparks a Slew of Questions — Namely, What Was Anna Wintour Thinking?” The Root described itself as unimpressed with the photo and even cited the crack investigates staff at OK! to suggest the cover may have been a little Wintour payback for Harris dissing the offer of a Vogue cover for months. Noted The Root, “(M)messaging matters, which is why we’re joining those side-eyeing Wintour, especially if reports of her subverting the expectations of Harris’ team are true. Many have cited the dimly lit cover story of (Olympic gymnastic champ) Simone Biles Wintour greenlit for last August’s issue as evidence the legendary editor has lost her touch for choosing iconic cover shots—or worse, of an innate and already reported disregard for Black women.”

Good to know The Resistance has the capacity to eat its own.

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