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Watch Dem rep blame everyone but himself for totally justified outrage over ‘a-woman’

Now that the Democrats will be running the entire show in D.C., one thing Americans will have to get reacquainted with is the idea that when politicians screw-up then the people, not the gaffe-producing machines who govern us, are the problem.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver offers an example.

Before the Georgia Senate results and the tragic events at the U.S. Capitol consumed the nation’s attention last week, Cleaver explained the bizarre ending he offered when the new Congress opened for business on Jan. 3.

To recap, the Kansas City Democrat, who is also an ordained United Methodist minister, provided the invocation, and after more than two minutes of fairly boilerplate petitions that could be interpreted as asking God to not render the punishment we likely deserve, he conclude with, “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic God, Brahma, and God known by many names by many different faiths – Amen and A-woman.”

On social media, those who couldn’t believe what they actually heard explained that “amen” simply means “I believe,” or “so be it.”

Cleaver, however, said afterward that it’s your fault – yes you, who don’t want to infuse everything with stupid identity politics like those in his party – for sticking to what words actually mean, and that pointing out that “A-woman” is sheer ridiculousness.

In a recent interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News, Cleaver said, “We have a society now that participates in orchestrated outrage.” Orchestrated apparently by people who understand the English language.


“Ninety-nine-point-nine-nine-nine percent of the people who are expressing outrage didn’t even hear the prayer,” Cleaver argued. “The prayer wasn’t — wasn’t for them. I’m talking to God on behalf of Congress asking for unity and so forth, asking God to give us that strength to do that.”

The prayer, of course, was not the problem for that 99.999 percent, or the other .001 percent. It was the addendum. None of us, obviously, knows the mind of God. But surely He was likely baffled by referencing “A-woman.”

Then again, Cleaver admitted it was all for show – absurd political theater.

“We have a record number of women in Congress, including the first chaplain in 240 years of the United States’ history,” he told Cavuto.

Cavuto said that was fine, but what about the idea that “amen” simply means “so be it”?

Cleaver doubled down on the idea that it’s your fault for correctly hearing what he said – and then confirmed what most conservatives thought.

“In our society, we look for opportunities to be outraged,” he replied. “A-woman … was trying to recognize the record number of women now in Congress, and a female chaplain. So I said ‘a-woman.'”

“As I left the chamber,” Cleaver continued, “Republicans and Democrats were saying, ‘Boy, thank you for that prayer. We really need somebody to ask God for unity.’ I mean, Republicans and Democrats. It was not until, the way our society works now, the Twitter world sent out to the people who express outrage. And then they usually get it.”

“Here’s the problem,” Cleaver added. “Nations trip and fall over molehills, not mountains. And, as we are arguing and fighting over democracy right now, we’re at a point where we’re ready to say, well, here’s something we can fight about, that somebody did a prayer and said a-woman. And so let’s go fight about it.”

Cleaver’s defense was then that he didn’t say “a Democratic woman or a Republican woman.” Huh?

Cleaver may be engaging in some 4-D trolling here, but the real issue is that the language of the woke is not just an assault on language or institutions, but on common sense itself.

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