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‘This is sad even for NBC’: Ex-FBI Director James Comey mercilessly mocked after ‘Today’ interview

Disgraced former FBI Director James Comey just doesn’t know when to give it a rest. He appeared Tuesday morning on NBC’s “Today” show and no one can seem to figure out exactly why they had him on the air. Both commenters from the left and the right mercilessly mocked Comey. It was a dogpile.

The show tweeted: “‘The president needs to be sanctioned for his behavior and held accountable.’ -Former FBI Director James @Comey on President Trump.”

Exhibiting extreme tone-deafness and total arrogance, Comey was pitching his book on the show: “Saving Justice: Truth, Transparency and Trust,” with Savannah Guthrie. The title alone is hysterically funny. The man is hated all around and he seems oblivious to how utterly hypocritical the title of his book is. Unless of course, it’s a parody, which Comey is a walking version of himself.

It set social media afire and viewers let him have it on Twitter. They let Comey know in no uncertain terms that they despise him. No one can fathom why anyone would listen to Comey period.

That didn’t stop the intrepid ex-head of the FBI. Nosiree. He stated that he had total confidence that law enforcement would be able to fend off future riots in the wake of a mob of avid Trump supporters storming the Capitol last week. It didn’t work then and as long as politicians are involved, they probably won’t have much success next time either unless they use deadly force which creates a dire situation all its own. He also labeled the protesters who entered the Capitol as terrorists and says all of them should be charged.

“Law enforcement definitely can handle these kinds of riots, attacks, and civil disturbances if they have the information they need and they prepare, this is something law enforcement was built for,” Comey said. “What’s so painful about the Capitol is the lack of preparation, but adequately prepared, the 50 states can secure their capitals and the United States can secure its Capitol.”

He’s referring to the FBI reporting there is a threat of armed protests in all 50 U.S. capitals starting on the 16th and going through Inauguration Day on the 20th.

Comey said he was “sickened” by the Capitol riot. He discussed inauguration security and said he wrote in his book President Trump shouldn’t be prosecuted. Guthrie asked if he’s changed his mind regarding Trump being prosecuted since he wrote the book.

“It was a hard question when I was writing that back in the fall and it’s even harder now. The president needs to be sanctioned and held accountable, I think it’s important that he be impeached. I think it’s important that local prosecutors in New York continues to peruse the… variety of frauds he surely committed before he became president, I just don’t think it’s in the national interest for Donald Trump to be on our television screens every day for the next three or four years as part of the United States vs. Donald Trump in the District of Columbia,” Comey said. “I don’t think that helps Joe Biden heal a nation.”

There we go with the ‘unity’ and ‘healing’ talking points again. And Comey is all for impeachment and going after Trump’s taxes. He wants to hound him into oblivion. But Comey got there first.

He went on: “It’s a hard, painful decision, but I still think it would be better for this country if we move past a fallen and corrupt president and turned off the television lights on him, which in some ways would be the greatest punishment he could imagine.”

Spoken like a truly corrupt, fallen former FBI director.

Guthrie did not push back on any of Comey’s responses and asked softball questions. She plugged his book and wrapped up the conversation as viewers on both sides of the political aisle mocked Comey. It was disgraceful.

At least we know that Comey has kept his lying skills sharpened. The problem is… no one wants to listen to him anymore. Time to exit stage left.

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