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Horned rioter ‘shaman’ refuses to eat because jail won’t serve organic food

The Viking horned rioter who is also a QAnon activist, a shaman, and a Trump supporter, is refusing to eat because the jail he is housed in won’t serve him organic food. He hadn’t eaten for three days and his attorney and mother were getting worried. She says he gets sick if he doesn’t get organic food. Worry no more… on Monday, a judge just granted him his diet desires on ‘religious grounds’. His diet is probably the least of his worries one would think.

This is the guy who was pictured during the riot with face and body paint, sporting tattoos, and a horned bearskin headdress. He had a 6-foot long spear that he was brandishing. His face is probably the most notorious of those who entered the Capitol that day and he’s a poster child for mental health awareness.

Gerald Williams is the attorney for Jacob Anthony Chansley, who goes by Jake Angeli, 33. He told the court during a virtual hearing that his client had not eaten since he turned himself over to the FBI on Saturday because he has restrictive dietary needs.

“He gets very sick if he doesn’t eat organic food,” Martha Chansley, Angeli’s mother, told reporters outside the courthouse. “He needs to eat.”

The court was alarmed and said the U.S. Marshal’s office would need to make accommodations for Angeli, adding that it is imperative that he eat. During a virtual court appearance, Magistrate Judge Deborah Fine told Angeli’s public defender to resolve the issue with U.S. Marshals.

“Mr. Chansley needs to eat,” she said using Angeli’s legal name.

The U.S. Marshal for Phoenix, David Gonzalez, told The Arizona Republic on Monday that the Marshals Service would accommodate the protester. “For religious or health reasons, if (inmates) need a special diet, we are required to accommodate them,” he said.

Angeli has been charged with knowingly breaking into the Capitol building and its grounds, along with violent entry and disorderly conduct after photos circulated on the Internet that authorities said showed him holding a spear inside the building. That was after protesters stormed the Capitol building, broke a window, and gained access.

In an interview last Thursday, Angeli denied committing any crimes.

According to court documents, Angeli called the FBI field office in Washington and confirmed to an agent that “he was the male in the face paint and headdress in the Vice President’s chair in the Senate.”

If found guilty, he could be locked up for “years and years,” the U.S. Marshal for Phoenix, David Gonzalez, told the Arizona Republic.

Angeli became known in right-wing circles for protesting in Phoenix in his wild costume, telling the Arizona Republic in a 2020 interview that he is a QAnon supporter.

He also told the FBI that he came to D.C. with other “patriots” from Arizona at the “request of the president” to protest the certification of the Electoral College results by Congress. It is doubtful that there was a personal invitation involved in all this but this guy probably really thinks there was one.

“What I was doing was civil disobedience,” Angeli told NBC News. “I didn’t do anything wrong. … I walked through an open door, dude.” Breaking into the Capitol is definitely wrong and goes way beyond civil disobedience.

By Monday evening, “organic” was trending on Twitter as people reacted to the news.

“Imagine thinking your white privilege extends so far as to trash the Capitol & then demand organic food in prison,” one person stated. Said the liberal with no compunction whatsoever.

“It’s a jail, Jacob. It isn’t a Whole Foods,” another person commented. True, the selection at Whole Foods is better.

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill quipped, “Ok, this is funny. Organic food demanded by domestic terrorists.” And yet, if it had been a radical demanding such fare, McCaskill would not have been laughing and would have been outraged.

Strange days indeed.

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