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Oh Ngo! Lib media joins with Antifa to try to silence chronicler of lawlessness

For four long, long years countless American journalists, people who have among the cushiest, most privileged jobs our nation has to offer, wailed about President Donald Trump’s use of the terms “fake news” and “enemy of the people” the characterize them.

There was no way America’s dairy farmers could produce enough cheese to go with all that whine. Still, the media persisted. The high point of this had to be in August 2018, when more than 400 newspapers, led by Marjorie Pritchard, an editorialist for the Boston Globe, published editorials demanding that Trump stop hurting their feelings.

In one example, the leader of the pack, The New York Times, noted, “Insisting that truths you don’t like are ‘fake news’ is dangerous to the lifeblood of democracy. And calling journalists the ‘enemy of the people’ is dangerous, period.” This, from the newspaper that refuses to give back the Pulitzer Prize it won for reporting on something that didn’t happen: Trump’s alleged “collusion” with Russian operatives to win the 2016 election.

Yet as Trump prepares to exit, the media should consider adopting a new slogan, which is actually 50 years old and comes courtesy of the great Walt Kelly and his comic-strip character Pogo: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Andy Ngo is an editor-at-large for the Canadian website The Post Millennial and a ubiquitous social media presence. For years he has relentlessly and unflinchingly exposed the criminal anarchy wrought by Antifa, primarily in the Pacific Northwest. He’s been accused of selectively editing his work, which he once acknowledged as part of the leaning curve, to purposefully cast Antifa in a bad light – accusations that come from the people who spend all their time obsessing how to cast Trump in the least favorable light.

For his trouble, Ngo’s been “milkshaked,” beaten to the point of earning a trip to the hospital and reamed by other media. Rolling Stone once referred to him as the “right-wing troll” who “demonized” Antifa in the mainstream media, while the communists at Jacobin called him “the most dangerous right-wing grifter in America.” Apparently, they haven’t heard of the Lincoln Project.

Next month, Ngo has a book coming out about his life with the Antifa thugs, titled “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” And to almost no one’s surprise he’s being canceled.

It began with a prominent bookstore chain in Portland, Powell’s, that said after outcry from customers – read Antifa threatened to burn down our stores – announced it would only make Ngo’s book available online. Powell’s, by the way, annually celebrates “banned book week” by highlighting in its stores authors whose books are recommended for removal from schools and public libraries. So, obviously it’s a company with principles.

But Ngo has also been trashed by – you guessed it – the media.

Sarah Jeong, a New York Times editorialist who has little good to say about White people, hopped on the Antifa bandwagon, with multiple tweets on Saturday.

“I know people at Twitter follow me. Please read this thread. The people who live in this city with me have long known that Andy is a very real threat to our neighbors.” She contnued, Ngo is dangerous. The chilling effects of his intentional misframing and misreporting are well-known in this city. If he puts your face out there, people — dressed exactly like the people who stormed the Capitol — show up at your house.” Sorta of like they do for Tucker Carlson, Mitch McConnell and other conservatives when the liberal media whips up the mob. She had no comment on left-wing trolls now posting photos of those at Trump’s rally last week.

She added, “I wonder when Twitter is going to ban A*dy N*o.”

Donovan Farley, whose work has appeared in Playboy, Rolling Stone and Vice, tweeted, “Any effort by @TwitterSafety seeking to offset reprehensible disinformation that flourishes here and the carnage that disinformation has wrought should absolutely include banning @MrAndyNgo. Few on this platform have purposefully trafficked in deceit that results in violence and to the degree Ngo has.”

Apparently that whole free press thing selectively applies.

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