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C’mon man: One more ‘Manchurian’ Dem gets cozy with China

Here’s a question worthy of an Auguste Rodin statue: What is it with California Democrats and China?

It’s understood that Democrats everywhere are so politically stunted by identity politics that they view conservative Whites, and especially White men, as the only group worthy of insult, derision and condemnation. It’s also understood that California has a sizeable population with Chinese heritage – nearly 11 percent of all Californians. It’s further understood that China has significant business ties with California, as the Golden State’s largest overseas trading partner and a supplier of workers in Silicon Valley.

But, as former NFL great and ESPN analyst Keyshawn Johnson (also a Californian) famously says: “C’mon man.” (Something else Joe Biden plagiarized, then spoiled for us all.)

Golden State Democrats show repeated, troubling links with Chinese communists that are on the borderline of the stuff Peter Pettigrew did to Sirius Black, or for older folks, that Fredo Corleone did to his brother Andrew, er, Michael (sorry Chris Cuomo), or Liz Cheney.

On Wednesday, The Epoch Times reported that Barbara Boxer, a former Democratic senator from California, had ditched plans to become a lobbyist for a Chinese company called Hikvision USA. What’s that, you ask. Well, TET reports that it is a “subsidiary of a Chinese surveillance company that has been sanctioned by the U.S. government. Hikvision was accused of involvement in human rights violations and abuses targeting Muslim minorities in Xinjiang, China.” They were so bad – or so good, as China’s leaders might see it – at said abuse that the Trump administration prohibited sales of technology to and investment in Hikvision.

Boxer said she dropped the gig because of the “intense response” generated by the announcement of her job. Part of that “response” was apparently from Biden’s inaugural committee, who pledged to refund her contribution.

But it’s not the first time California Democrats have courted China’s communist government; perhaps they should claim they were brainwashed, a la Sgt. Shaw in “The Manchurian Candidate.”

TET noted that on Tuesday night Gordon Chang, an expert on China, told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, “The Chinese Communist Party has completely infiltrated the U.S. political system, especially the Democratic Party in California.”

Chang is not wrong.

Last year it was revealed that California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell was targeted for the honey trap by Chinese spy Christine Fang, also known as Fang Fang, who raised money for him. Someone Fang recommended was even hired for Swalwell’s staff.


In September, when Attorney General Bill Barr announced that China was a bigger threat to the November election than Russia, Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, another Californian and a proven liar, accused Barr of lying. “That’s just a plain false statement by the attorney general,” Schiff said. “What Bill Barr just did in that statement was just flat out mislead the American people.”

We also know that current Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California employed a Chinese spy on her staff for 20 – yes, 20 – years.

And we know that a year ago, as the China-originated coronavirus was beginning its deadly march across our nation, that Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco was openly encouraging people to visit her city’s Chinatown, suggesting you may be racist if you didn’t.

Beyond that, Democrats largely criticized Trump’s ban on travel from China as the virus took root and previously bashed his heightened tariffs on Chinese goods.

Last July, House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, also a Californian, pointed out that Democrats voted down a Senate bill called the Concerns Over Nations Funding University Campus Institutes in the United States, or CONFUCIUS Act, which sought to restrict the influence of Confucius Institutes. The institutes are subsidiaries of the Chinese government that fund universities under the guise of cultural exchange programs and then threaten to pull the funding unless the schools neuter criticism of the Chinese government.

McCarthy also touted how Democrats, led by Pelosi, were reluctant to take up legislation to hold Chinese operatives accountable for trying to influence America’s elections, hack our COVID vaccine research, or mask their government’s ownership of firms listed on U.S. stock exchanges, and skirt American financial-services laws.

Pelosi finally relented on the latter, which passed Congress in December.

Still, as McCarthy noted, “I don’t know what the Chinese Communist Party has on the Democrats, but it is effective.” 

And the big, worrisome question, with a China-friendly Joe Biden, whose son made millions off his contacts in China, ready to take over, and be backed by Democratic majorities in Congress, is: How much stronger will China’s influence over American policy become?

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