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Won’t be fooled again: Armed National Guard troops flood DC ahead of Inauguration

On Wednesday morning, iconic images of hundreds of armed National Guardsmen sleeping on the stone Capitol floor went viral. They slept in the corridors of the building as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prepared a vote to impeach President Trump. Lawmakers had to step over them to enter Capitol. Welcome to 2021.

The National Guard is displaying an overwhelming show of force after protesters stormed the Capitol. Outside the seat of power, National Guard soldiers were spotted Wednesday morning unloading racks of rifles and pistols as well as anti-riot gear. Security has massively intensified and the nation’s Capitol is in lockdown ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration. They are also there to quell any violence during the impeachment hearings against President Trump.

Lawmakers entering the building walked by the sleeping troops as they lined the hallways with no pillows or blankets for comfort. It is believed to be the first time troops have set up camp in the Capitol since the Civil War.

The National Guard has been authorized to send a total of 20,000 troops to Washington to help safeguard the capital ahead of Biden’s inauguration. There are already 6,200 troops on the ground in DC and at least 10,000 will be in place by Saturday. It’s going to be a party.

The troops, thousands of other law enforcement officers, and layers of eight-foot anti-climb steel fencing are among the reinforcements being used to fortify DC a week out from the inauguration in a bid to protect the capital from any violence.

The FBI has already warned of armed protests being planned in Washington and all 50 state capitals in the run-up to the inauguration. Security experts have said chatter among extremists and Trump supporters on social media threatening violence in DC and other cities has surged in recent days.

Right. The posters for those protests look like communist propaganda and the right just doesn’t have that much artistic talent. And they have never been that violent either. It remains to be seen who is actually behind these purported protests as well.

The heightened security comes as it is alleged that extremists are now using the encoded app Telegram to coordinate and plan future attacks, NBC reports. Some are said to be sharing knowledge on how to make, conceal, and use homemade guns and bombs in advance of the inauguration.

In the rush to paint all of those on the right as terrorists, facts are in short supply these days. Real journalism is almost non-existent. Most of this is supposition at best, defamation at worst.

Nancy Pelosi thanked the troops. I’m sure she really, really hopes they take down some right-wing terrorists. She applauds them when she needs them and denigrates them when they are no longer useful to her political maneuvers. President Trump has always adored and honored both the military and the police. In fact, he cherishes the rule of law and didn’t incite anything, but you wouldn’t know that listening to those on the left. Throw enough lies and see if they stick.

On Wednesday, Acting U.S. Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen warned potential domestic terrorists against further attacks.

“I want to send a clear message to anyone contemplating violence, threats of violence or other criminal conduct: We will have no tolerance whatsoever for any attempts to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power… including attempts to forcefully occupy government buildings,” Rosen said. “There will be no excuse for violence, vandalism, or any other form of lawlessness.”

The Secret Service will take control of inauguration security preparations starting Wednesday and road closures are now in effect across parts of the downtown Washington, DC area until after the inauguration.

Restricted areas have already been established around the White House and Capitol grounds with extra security screenings in place for those trying to get access.

Road closures surrounding the White House and Capitol went into effect late Tuesday and will remain in place until after the inauguration.

Access to all roads, parking garages, and loading docks surrounding the White House will be banned starting Thursday morning. Authorities say that any vehicle within that restricted area will be stuck there until after the inauguration. The restrictions apply to both residential and commercial buildings.

Further perimeters and additional road closures are expected in the coming days. The FBI, National Guard, U.S. Marshals Service, local law enforcement, and other federal agencies will now fall under Secret Service command for the inauguration preparations.

The Democrats fear the people and their wrath these days. This will be an inauguration like no other.

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