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WaPo columnist’s outlandish call for millions of white Trump supporters to be ‘deprogrammed’

This seems to be the sentiment of more and more on the left these days. Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson told the New York Times Magazine’s Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones that there is a need to “deprogram” supporters of President Trump following last week’s siege of the U.S. Capitol. They aren’t even trying to hide it anymore. What’s next? Re-education camps?

“There are millions of Americans, almost all white, almost all Republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed,” Robinson said during an appearance on MSNBC. “It’s as if they are members of a cult, the Trumpist cult, and have to be deprogrammed.”

Well, that’s not racist at all, is it? And I’m not surprised in the least this happened on MSNBC. So they want an intervention where we can be purged of all our conservative beliefs. We’ve seen this scenario play out before throughout history with horrific results.

Hannah-Jones claims the only reason why anyone would possibly vote for Trump was that the “white labor force” voted for his policies to keep themselves more powerful than “Muslims, Latinos and Black Americans.” She said every Trump-voting Republican merits “punishment” before they can be allowed to re-enter polite society and have a chance at reconciliation.

Robinson asked how the country could go about deprogramming Trump supporters and Hannah-Jones said that history shows people need to face consequences for their actions. Do you mean internment camps? Assigned ghettos? The final solution? Evidently so.

“I know we can look to history,” Hannah-Jones said. “What ultimately breaks that power structure in the South is enforcement, right? There has to be consequences. And then once you get those consequences … people have to take a second look at their actions, and they have to be afraid to do the types of violence that we saw last week.”

She went on to say that people become too focused on reconciling their differences after bitter events, which only “emboldens” the type of people who participate in violence.

“What has long been the case in this country is that we have wanted to quickly move on to reconciliation,” Hannah-Jones said. “We’ve always been afraid that if you actually punish those kind of white nationalists element in our society will only make things worse. But, in fact, what history shows is not reacting, not forcing accountability, only emboldens those people and those movements.”

Hannah-Jones is best known for her flagship essay in the New York Times’ ahistorical 1619 Project. The 1619 Project is a controversial project and revisionist history developed by Hannah-Jones, writers from The New York Times, and The New York Times Magazine which “aims to reframe the country’s history by placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of [the United States’] national narrative.”

Robinson made his outlandish comments just one day after he wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post arguing that Republicans were engaged in a “paranoid fantasy” for believing the “delusions advanced by President Trump” and that fraud cost him the 2020 presidential election.

“Pretending the election was stolen from Trump is popular with the GOP base, which only gives lawmakers an incentive to participate in this awful pantomime,” Robinson argued. “The result is the insurrection we saw last Wednesday.”

So, to quell what they see as an uprising, deprogramming is needed here using fear and intimidation for emphasis. Similar rhetoric has come from every murderous despot and brutal dictatorship in history. Especially by the Chinese Communist Party.

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