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Just a minor correction from CNN: Dem fled with ProBar energy bar, not crowbar amid riot

Who hasn’t mistaken a ProBar energy bar for a crowbar? CNN sure has. Evidently, it’s common to mistake an innocent snack for a potentially deadly weapon. They were endlessly mocked on Thursday for an embarrassing gaffe that declared Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) “grabbed a crowbar” as an angry mob stormed the Capitol last week when the lawmaker actually grabbed an energy bar. After making sure it was vegan, no doubt. John Wick, Lieu is not. Another great journalistic coup by CNN.

CNN did issue a correction. Turns out the Democratic Rep. was simply hungry, not fighting for his life. There’s a small difference there. Nice of them to correct their propaganda after getting caught spreading it.

“CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated that Rep. Ted Lieu grabbed a crowbar before leaving his office. He grabbed a ProBar energy bar,” the updated CNN story stated.

Don’t they have editors over there? No one thought it odd that Lieu would keep a crowbar in his office? Really?

The story, “How a swift impeachment was born under siege,” (nice dramatic title there) featured the bylines of four reporters: Jeremy Herb, Phil Mattingly, Lauren Fox, and Manu Raju. It was swiftly derided by critics. Four leftie journalists wrote this and not one of them caught the mistake. Personally, I think it was on purpose… hyped up hyperbole to get headlines. They stepped way over the line exaggerating the likes of Ted Lieu here.

Social media lambasted CNN over it.

Steve Krakauer, executive producer of Megyn Kelly’s podcast tweeted, “Imagine four reporters at CNN and countless editors who saw the piece before it was published thinking Ted Freaking Lieu grabbed a crowbar in the midst of the Capitol riots (instead of a “ProBar” energy bar)…” Imagine that.

Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim replied after seeing the mistake, “I spit my coffee out laughing.”

“California Rep. Ted Lieu was forced to evacuate his office in the Cannon Office Building as insurrectionists converged on the Capitol. Grabbing a ProBar energy bar in his office, Lieu said he and his chief of staff called the top aide to Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline while wandering the halls and asked if they could hunker down in Cicilline’s office in the Rayburn House Office Building,” the four CNN reporters wrote in the updated version of the story.

“Notice how the original of this ridiculous story depicted Rep. Lieu as a crowbar wielding hero, not as the corrected version describes as a guy so calm he grabbed an ‘organic energy chew,’” Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox News.

“I’d like to think that, had I reported this story, that I would stop and think: Wait, why would Ted Lieu have a crowbar in his office?” tweeted Washington Post congressional reporter Mike DeBonis.

“His arm was the weapon after that probar,” joked one Twitter user, while another snarked, “Stop, I have a ProBar and I know how to use it!”

Security Studies Group president Jim Hanson tweeted, “.@CNN published this piece on the Storming of the Capitol with a claim @RepTedLieu grabbed a crowbar as he left his office…as if he was going to fight the mob.” Hanson added, “It was actually a PowerBar & Ted had to make sure it was vegan before he could eat it.”


Remember, Ted Lieu helped draw up the Article of Impeachment against President Trump. He’s also one of nine managers overseeing the impeachment. Lieu told Bloomberg that as pro-Trump supporters attacked the Capitol building on Jan. 6, at one point he sheltered in another Congress member’s office where he “began a group text imploring the House to begin drafting article of impeachment” against President Donald Trump.

And don’t forget, he’s also spreading the baseless conspiracy theory that Republicans conducted reconnaissance tours of the Capitol before the siege.

Yeah, Ted Lieu is a woke stud alright.

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