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‘Is he literally stealing that?: ’CNN’s ‘journalist’ Jim Acosta fixates on stuffed bird leaving the WH

This is rich. CNN’s Jim Acosta was nowhere to be found as the Obama’s cleaned out the White House on their way out, but he’s Johnny-on-the-spot documenting what is being removed from the People’s House as the Trump administration vacates. Virtually everything insinuated in this ridiculous accusation is false by the way, but then again, it’s CNN.

Acosta seems fixated on a stuffed Bird that was taken from the West Wing. It’s a pheasant by the way, not that an elitist like Acosta would even know that. Jim gleefully tweeted: “More stuff being moved out of West Wing. This appears to be a stuffed bird.” One has visions of Acosta in the bushes with binoculars spying on Trump’s people.

And many who drink the CNN Koolaid actually believe that Trump and company are stealing from the White House. They aren’t. Most of those items are on loan from museums and are being returned.

The bust of Winston Churchill is on loan from the Brits. CNN and their intrepid journalists reported on that loan endlessly when Trump came into office and are now insinuating that Trump is stealing it. How’s that for selective propaganda?

On the first day of Trump’s presidency, Jan. 20, 2017, a manufactured scandal erupted when a reporter for TIME noted that the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office and replaced with Winston Churchill’s. Except that didn’t happen. A Secret Service agent was standing in front of it.

Jim Acosta knows that Trump is not stealing anything. He’s smearing the president and telling fibs to grab headlines. There’s a lawsuit somewhere in all of this. Talk about typically disingenuous.

Oh, but it gets even more ridiculous. NBC News’ presidential historian Michael Beschloss kicked into high gear after that to epically defame the Trump administration.

Beschloss started off with: “That Lincoln bust being carried away had better not belong to the permanent White House collection.”

Then he went with: “Make sure that Giuliani does not grab and resell the George Washington portrait that hangs in the White House East Room in payment of his Trump legal bills.”

Here are more libelous tweets by Beschloss – he should be fired for this but won’t be:

“And no, Trump’s relatives are not legally permitted to take “souvenirs” home from the permanent White House collection of paintings, furniture and artifacts.”

Do you mean like the Clintons and Obamas did?

“Count the White House silverware at noon on January 20.”

No need to… this wasn’t the Clinton White House.

“And at noon on January 20, make sure no White House rugs are missing.”

“Hope that nobody reading this has the bad taste to suggest that some residents and appointees may need to be frisked next Wednesday before leaving White House offices and residence for last time.”

Or put through metal detectors…

“Hope no one has seen any busts of Mussolini being carried out of the West Wing of the White House.”

They’re at Obama’s place next to the Mao ornaments.

“And if any of the Trumps ask for late checkout privileges from the White House, tell them no.”

“If they want to take the icy and pretentious “Tennis Pavilion” home with them from the White House, maybe that should be negotiable.”

“But maybe Americans should ask for their security deposit back as penalty for what was done to the White House Rose Garden.”

The Rose Garden that Melania designed and oversaw is spectacular. CNN hacks reporting on Trump and his family were ‘penalty’ enough for trying to save the nation.

“Make sure that no gold White House doorknobs suddenly disappear.”

That last one is a kicker. Biden is removing all doorknobs and replacing them because… Trump. So if anyone is taking the gold White House doorknobs, you might want to check the Bidens first, right after you investigate his China connections. Not holding my breath on that one.

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