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WaPo is desperate to tell you that Biden, supporter of abortion and gay marriage, is ‘devout’ Catholic

The Washington Post has got that ol’ timey religion.

Or maybe make that an old timer’s religion.

The WaPo, through religion reporter Michelle Boorstein, is doing yeoman’s work to prop up President-elect Joe Biden as a “devout” Catholic, at least as that’s defined by liberals in the media, politics and the Catholic Church. A piece published on Jan. 11 was the second act of this play.

The first maintained that Biden could “redefine what it means to be a Catholic in good standing.” That, of course, means in good standing with The WaPo, The New York Times and the rest of the media a la “good” Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Sonia Sotomayor, not “bad” ones like Marco Rubio and Clarence Thomas.

This time the Post asks: “Can Biden heal today’s America?” Especially since, “he is facing not one America but two, each claiming with new religious fervor that God and righteousness are on its side.”

Surprising to learn that blue America is claiming “God and righteousness” as its own, since it does so much to hide the Almighty from public view, or water down His views. Can we get an amen – and an a-woman.

And then Boorstein offers some Grade A gaslighting explaining that side of the chasm: “Millions of Americans hungry for a faith focused on healing and inclusion will embrace it — especially on the left, where believers have felt trampled by the religious right into nonexistence since the 1970s.” Say what, now?

See, it’s the religious left that’s been victimized and marginalized, not Christian conservatives – such as those bakers, florists and photographers who have been hauled before government tribunals to be publicly scorned and bankrupted for exercising their First Amendment right to live their faith.

Yet the answer to the Post’s question is sure, as long as left-wingers get their way. And Biden promises to do that, especially by erasing America’s southern border, enacting a massively expensive “free” healthcare regime.

“Biden presents a less common image: a devout, churchgoing liberal,” Boorstein writes. “The country will soon observe for the first time a president who goes to Mass every Sunday, plus on Catholic feast days, and sprinkles conversation casually with scripture, religious hymns and references to religious history but describes faith’s purpose in general, inclusive terms — as sustenance for the weary, encouragement for the suffering and an obligation to welcome and care for one another.”

She then quotes Villanova University theologian Massimo Faggioli, who notes, “Joe Biden is a Catholic in the public square who doesn’t take lectures from bishops about what being Catholic is about. This is totally new.”

Well, it’s not exactly new. Martin Luther started us down this road a half-millennia ago. But, of course, every “devout” Catholic just ignores the bishops on matters of faith.

Even if you’re not Catholic, however, it’s worth looking at what Biden intends to do to the faith he allegedly loves so much, and hoists as a shield to block claims from conservatives who, as Boorstein puts it, “reject Biden’s version of religiosity.”

Just based on his campaign website, we know this “practicing Catholic” who supports gay marriage in opposition to church doctrine, will advance the LGBT agenda not only by reversing the Trump administration’s “broad religious exemptions” to federal laws, but also by enacting the Equality Act.

One of those “lectures” from those nasty Catholic bishops points out that the bill, if enacted, would force women to share “intimate” spaces with men who claim womanhood, and mandate that Catholic – and presumably those of other faiths – healthcare providers, charities, adoption agencies, schools and even parishes sacrifice their faith on the altar of SJW demands.

On abortion, Biden has abandoned the Hyde Amendment, the federal provision that blocks taxpayer-funded abortions, except in cases of rape or incest, which he had supported for more than 40 years, and promises to restore taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and to codify Roe v. Wade, superseding state laws that govern abortion.

On health care, Biden has vowed to breathe new life into parts of the Affordable Care Act that the Trump administration had suffocated. As part of that, he has said, Biden will force Catholic nuns to provide contraception coverage with insurance, even though that violates their faith.

And Biden’s plan for “the Catholic Community” includes imposing a $15 an hour minimum wage, repealing President Donald Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, and incentivizing unionization, because nothing brings workers together like being forced to hand over dues to support Democratic politicians.

In short, our “devout” Catholic leader rejects advocating pro-life positions, promoting Catholic education, defending religious liberty or denouncing religious bigotry and intolerance.

When Trump ran, a conservative argument about questions of his character was we’re electing a president not a pope. Well, with Biden we get both, the secular and spiritual head of the Church of Wokeness.

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