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Oops! Democrat goes live on Fox with massive painting of Communist dictator on the wall

Freudian slip? Democrat Harold Ford Jr. was on Fox News Thursday night with Bret Baier during a segment entitled: “Comey says Trump ‘belongs in jail’, but Biden should consider pardon.” But that wasn’t what caught everyone’s attention… no siree. It was the giant picture of Chairman Mao in the background that seized everyone’s attention. Oops.

One commenter nailed it: “How in the freaking world do you have a portrait up of Mao in your living room? Ford Jr. must be okay with the fact that Mao has killed over 60 Million of his own people.” Indeed.

To be fair, Ford Jr. claims the home is a rental. But really? You don’t even notice an expensive giant portrait of Mao before you go live on Fox News? And it says a lot about who you rented the home from. I know I always take vacation rentals from communists… don’t you? It looks like Andy Warhol idolized the communist mass-murdering dictator. Maybe Obama’s Christmas tree ornaments are lying around there somewhere. Better check.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier came to Ford Jr.’s defense. “Harold is not a Maoist,” Bert assured everyone. “He was elected in Tennessee.” Because there are no communists in Tennessee. Nope, except there are.

Baier stated: “As noted in previous tweet Tom. — “Harold @HaroldFordJr is renting a home for a few weeks in a vacation spot – he doesn’t control the walls. Strong background analysis, but Harold is not a Maoist- he was elected in Tennessee. Thanks for watching”’

Are you sure about that Bret?

Ford came to his own defense “As @BretBaier said, I’m just renting a place – didn’t choose the art – my house has Ali and MLK on the walls – no fan of Communist China or Mao – my public record and words on Fox and elsewhere about China prove that.” Because a leftist would never fib, right?

And evidently, Fox News caught the gaffe in mid-interview, because they shifted their camera to take Mao out of the so-called picture.

Ah, selective editing. Somehow this whole excusing away the incident and shifting the view doesn’t quite cut it with me.

Most people who do news segments like Sarah Palin are very picky about the background and go over every little detail. A picture of Mao like that is a big red detail. Either Ford Jr. is the most unobservant guy in the world or he has no issue with Mao. Which do you think it is?

It’s ironic they were discussing the incitement of insurrection charges against President Trump. Meanwhile, in the background, is a murderous communist icon. Nothing to see here… we don’t do irony anymore.

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