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Biden’s digital director throws a hissy fit over how Twitter will transfer WH accounts to new admin

Joe Biden will be inaugurated next week and Twitter just announced they have created a new handle for the hubby of Kamala Harris: @SecondGentleman. No doubt, they have the handle @FirstGentleman waiting in the wings, you know… just in case.

Joe Biden’s digital director Rob Flaherty was not impressed by Twitter’s plan. In fact, he found it “profoundly insufficient.” Allegedly because those millions of followers for Trump will not be automatically transferred to Joe Biden. Not at least without asking permission. Next, Flaherty will stomp his foot, throw himself on the floor, and hold his breath until Twitter changes their policy.

But hey… the Biden administration is hiring tons of Big Tech guys. Surely they will fix this oversight. Right?

Flaherty went on to whine: “They’re bending themselves over backwards to break with the 2017 protocol they set on the transfer of accounts, and also breaking with every other social platform in providing the new administration a follower base.” Tissue, anyone? At least he isn’t banned or anything unconstitutional like that.

Even a hack like CNN’s Jake Tapper gets it: “I would tell you how many followers I have lost but I have no idea how many i had before because I’m an adult.” Well, that is debatable but we appreciate the sentiment.

Meanwhile, Twitter is introducing a new handle for the first-ever husband of a vice president as it begins transferring official White House social media accounts to the incoming Biden administration.

The government account isn’t following anyone and has nearly 325,000 followers. The bio reads “Future Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff. Devoted dad. Proud husband to Vice President-elect Harris,” and links to Biden and Harris’s informational site, buildbackbetter.gov. That’s a catchy globalist phrase that is sure not to impress most of America.

“We’re gonna have to reestablish trust in government from the American people after four years of lies and gaslighting and incompetence. The American people deserve better. And I’m going to do everything I can with Joe and Kamala and Jill, to help restore that trust both here domestically, and with our friends around the world. So I’m committed to doing that as well,” Emhoff has stated. That won’t happen but they will try and force Americans to submit to their dishonest agenda and diktats.

According to Fox News, tweets from President Trump’s administration, which controlled handles including @WhiteHouse, @POTUS, @VP, @FLOTUS, and @PressSec, must first be archived by the National Archives and Records Administration, which will store the social media accounts’ activity. The history will remain publicly available for viewing and will have the number “45” attached to the end of each handle, referencing Trump’s tenure as the 45th President of the United States.

“Once this archival process is completed, Twitter will transfer the institutional accounts to the Biden administration to assume ownership, along with a new account: @SecondGentleman,” Twitter said in a blog post on Thursday.

Twitter is warning users following the official accounts that those choices will not automatically carry over once President-elect Joe Biden and his staff take over. Thank goodness for that.

Users will receive in-app alerts and other prompts notifying them of the archival process and will be given the option to follow the new administration, the company said. Which millions won’t.

Twitter will also stream Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20, allowing users to view the footage from multiple news outlets and official inauguration feeds. They can see the whole lack of attendance in vivid detail and any possible violence thrown in for effect. Americans will mostly tune out. There must be a cat show on somewhere, anything but the inauguration.

Twitter said it has worked to ensure that platform dialogues ahead of Inauguration Day are devoid of calls for further violence or attempts to organize attacks anywhere in the nation. In other words, massive censorship is being used to crack down on everyone to force them to behave as Biden ascends.

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