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What? Squad member Cori Bush insanely accuses Trump of murdering death-row inmates

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Squad member Rep. Cori Bush from Missouri evidently loves murderers and hates President Trump equally as much. She accused Trump of murdering 13 death row inmates. Each was convicted unanimously of 1st-degree murder and sentenced to death by a jury. Each had extensive due process of law, including years of legal appeals.

Bush tweeted out: “The 13 people murdered by Trump’s death row killing spree:

Daniel Lee
Wesley Purkey
Dustin Honken
Lezmond Mitchell
Keith Nelson
William LeCroy Jr.
Christopher Vialva
Orlando Hall
Brandon Bernard
Alfred Bourgeois
Lisa Montgomery
Corey Johnson
Dustin Higgs

Say their names.”

Yes, say their names and then be thankful they are no longer among us.

Trump had nothing to do with their executions. Only in her fevered dreams can this woman blame the president for their deaths. What about their victims? There seems to be a whole lack of empathy for them. Say their names, Cori.

Bush knows this. While she is calling Trump the White Supremacist-in-Chief and a traitor, she’s throwing in murderer for good measure here. Disgraceful.

Bush describes execution as “murder in the name of justice.” But her victims committed murder in the name of self-gratification. Selective justice is no justice at all. The Squad has gone all the way around the bend. They are dangerously unhinged.

The killers she champions murdered a total of 32 people. And Bush’s hypocrisy here is stunning. For example, Jerry Dunleavy of the DC Examiner points to Daniel Lee who was a white supremacist who murdered William and Nancy Mueller and their 8-year-old daughter, Sarah Powell, by shooting them with a stun gun, duct-taping plastic bags around their heads and drowning them in a bayou. So, as Bush decries Trump as a white supremacist, she’s actively defending a murderous one. How’s that for ironic?

Author Chad Felix Greene highlights the case of Orlando Hall, who along with others tortured, raped, and murdered 16-year-old Lisa Rene after she answered the door. They were looking for her brother concerning a money dispute involving drugs. She was just convenient.

Alfred Bourgeois physically and emotionally tortured, sexually molested, and then beat to death his two-year-old daughter. Another paragon of virtue defended by Bush. Trump didn’t kill these guys, but they surely had it coming.

Dustin Honken murdered five people in Iowa, two of them were children. And he deserved mercy?

Bush is now pushing President-elect Biden to do what Trump would not do and spare psychotic murderers in the name of social justice. “Joe Biden cannot leave the lives of those on death row in the hands of future presidents,” wrote Bush.

“If [Biden] truly opposes the death penalty,” she wrote, “he must do everything in his power to stop it for good. Granting clemency to all on federal death row is his most effective tool.”

Bush also said she would support legislation introduced by fellow Squad-member Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) banning the death penalty in response to violations of federal law.

Until that legislation becomes law, the responsibility falls on the executive branch to end state-sanctioned murder.

“Ending the death penalty is about justice,” Bush said. “It’s about mercy. It’s about putting a stop to this nation’s dark history of lynching and slavery. It’s about making it clear that our government should not have the power to end a life. We must build a fair criminal-legal system on a foundation of mercy, due process and equity. We must break the cycles of death, devastation, and trauma that have broken Black and brown communities like mine.”

What about justice for their victims? What about their cycle of death, devastation, and trauma?

It’s one thing to stand against the death penalty, but to defend monsters like this is in itself evil. To elevate and glorify them is to slap every victim in the face and then kick them for good measure. Then to blame the president for not stepping in to save them is simply insane. Welcome to the Squad, Cori Bush… you fit right in.

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