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Biden bans political appointees from lobbying for two-years

Andrew Trunsky, DCNF

One of President Joe Biden’s 17 executive orders signed on Wednesday requires all political appointees to sign a pledge that includes a two-year lobbying ban effective once they leave the administration.

The order, which was drafted in an effort to rebuild public trust in government, says that officials must refrain from accepting gifts from registered lobbyists and ban the “revolving door” between government service and lobbying.

“I recognize that this pledge is part of a broader ethics in government plan designed to restore and maintain public trust in government, and I commit myself to conduct consistent with that plan.  I commit to decision-making on the merits and exclusively in the public interest, without regard to private gain or personal benefit,” the executive order’s new pledge states.

“I commit to the ethical choices of post-Government employment that do not raise the appearance that I have used my Government service for private gain, including by using confidential information acquired and relationships established for the benefit of future clients.”

The executive order also prohibits former government officials from lobbying any executive branch official or for any foreign government for two years.

Less than one day before Biden signed the order, former President Donald Trump revoked his own executive order, lifting a 5-year lobbying ban for members of his own administration.

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