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Biden’s abortion agenda fails to generate wide support, poll shows

Colby McCoy, DCNF

President Joe Biden’s abortion agenda has failed to generate wide support with Americans, a YouGov poll reported.

Only 33% of respondents reportedly support Biden’s abortion agenda while 38% disapprove, YouGov reported. Although Democrats overwhelmingly support Biden’s abortion stance, 66%, Independents are reportedly 15-points more likely to disapprove of the Biden abortion agenda.

The poll found 42% of Independents disapprove and only 27% approve of Biden’s abortion views, YouGov reported.

Democrats overwhelmingly support Biden on abortion with 66% in favor while Republicans largely are against the president’s policies with 72% not in favor, YouGov reported.

YouGov’s poll found that although 55% of respondents support abortion in most if not all legal cases, the margin for public support has decreased from 62% in 2016, pointing to a drop in support for abortion over the last four years of the Trump administration.

Biden’s repeal of the Trump-era Mexico City Policy is reportedly the most unpopular piece in his agenda with only 36% of respondents supporting the move, YouGov reported.

An earlier Marist poll on the Mexico City Policy found that 77% of respondents “strongly opposed” funding abortions abroad with tax dollars. Marist found that a slim percentage of respondents actually “support” or “strongly support” the usage of tax dollars for abortions.

Although Biden pledged to repeal the Mexico City Policy and Hyde Amendment as well as renew legal action against the Little Sisters of the Poor, he has not always been a proponent of the pro-abortion agenda.

Former Vice President Mike Pence criticized Biden out in a tweet in 2020 for supporting “late term abortion & using taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion.”

Biden reportedly changed his views on taxpayer-funded abortions in the summer of 2019.

The YouGov survey was conducted with a sample of 1,500 adult citizens through YouGov’s opt-in panel who were interviewed between Jan. 31 and Feb. 2. It was weighted according to race, gender, education and age based on the American Community Survey, conducted by the U.S  Census Bureau as well as 2020 Presidential votes which include geographic region, news interest and registration status.

The margin of error for the survey was 2.9%.

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