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Nursing home worker says Gov. Cuomo will ‘never take responsibility for what he has done’

Nicole Silverio, DCNF

A nursing home worker said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York failed to assist nursing homes in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

Danielle Pagoulatos-Lieblein told Fox News that Cuomo refuses to take responsibility for the number of COVID-19 related deaths in nursing homes throughout the state of New York, Fox News reported. Additionally, she said that Cuomo gave nursing home staff “no plan” to handle the spread and protect nursing home residents, according to Fox News.

“He seems to want to blame everybody all the time and never take responsibility for anything that he has done,” Leiblein told “Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy.

Leiblein told Fox News that the administration did not provide nursing homes with the proper resources. She said that nursing home staff were wearing garbage bags due to the lack of PPE.

She continued, “I think the governor has a very severe psychological problem with admitting when he has made a mistake. And he has made several during this entire pandemic regarding nursing home residents. Even today, he is still making mistakes.”

The Associated Press revealed that roughly 15,000 patients died from COVID-19 in nursing homes, Fox News reported. In a private call, Cuomo’s aide Melissa DeRosa admitted that they had hidden data regarding COVID-19 related nursing home deaths to avoid criticism by the Justice Department under former President Donald Trump, according to Fox News.

“COVID did not get into nursing homes by people coming from hospitals,” Cuomo said at a Monday press conference. “COVID got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing homes.”

Leiblein told Fox News she would love to see Cuomo resign. Several people have called for Cuomo’s resignation over the administration’s failure to help nursing homes, reported Fox News.

“I would love to see him actually reach out to somebody in the nursing homes and figure out a plan to make this better at this point because, today, people are dying,” she said. “To walk through the nursing home every single day and see what’s going on is absolutely heartbreaking and the governor needs to come and see what’s going on.”

A spokesperson for Cuomo did not respond to Fox News regarding nursing home deaths.

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