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US has retaken position ‘as leader of the free world,’ Boris Johnson says

Mary Rose Corkery, DCNF

The U.S. has returned “as leader of the free world,” United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Friday at the virtual Munich Security Conference.

“As you’ve seen and heard earlier, America is unreservedly back as the leader of the free world. And that is fantastic,” Johnson said in his speech, which was streamed on YouTube.

“And it’s vital for our American friends to know that their allies on this side of the Atlantic are willing and able to share the risks and the burdens of the world’s toughest problems. And that’s exactly why global Britain is there and that’s what global Britain is striving to achieve,” the prime minister said during his speech.


President Joe Biden requested on Friday for Europe to accept the U.S again as leaders in opposition to China’s increasing goals and Russia during the virtual conference located in Germany.

President Joe Biden asked Europe to accept the U.S again as leaders in opposition to China’s increasing goals and Russia during his Friday speech to the virtual conference. The president said former President Donald Trump had relinquished the United States’ leadership position in the world and Western democracies.

“The United States, we’ll do our part. We’ll stand with you. We’ll fight for our shared values. We’ll meet the challenges of this new moment in history,” Biden said.

Johnson opened his address at the conference by saying pessimism has grown.

“There’s a habit of turning up at occasions such as this and announcing portentously that the West is locked in terminal decline and the Atlantic alliance is fractured and NATO is in peril and everything we hold dear risks being cast into the oblivion,” Johnson said.

“And that industry of pessimism has thrived, I’m afraid recently, perhaps even in Munich. So without wishing for a moment to downplay the challenges and the dangers that we face and the teeth of a global pandemic, let me respectfully suggest that the gloom has been overdone,” Johnson said during his conference speech.

Johnson said that during worldwide changes, Western countries are uniting “once again immensely to everybody’s benefit,” during his conference speech.

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