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Woman killed after shootout with police officer

Kaylee Greenlee, DCNF

A woman sustained fatal gunshot injuries after reaching for a handgun and shooting a police officer who tried to arrest her in Tennessee Friday, according to a Metropolitan Nashville Police Department spokesperson.

Metropolitan Nashville Police Officer Josh Baker tased Nika N. Holbert, 31, after telling her to get out of the vehicle, video shows. Holbert reached for a handgun and opened fire on Baker hitting him under his bullet-resistant vest, Police Spokesman Don Aaron said.

Baker repeatedly told Holbert to put the gun down as he tased her, video shows. “I didn’t do nothing,” Holbert said just before shots were fired.

Holbert said she was confused about why Baker stopped her and made a phone call as the officer searched her bag, video shows. Holberg reached into the vehicle to get a cigarette and ran away from Baker when he told her to turn around so that he could place her in handcuffs after finding substances resembling narcotics in her possession, Aaron said.

Baker warned Holbert that she would be tased and repeatedly told her to get on the ground, video shows. She got in her vehicle and yelled for help as Baker deployed his taser.

Baker asked her to step out of the car and ordered her to “put the gun down” before drawing his firearm, video shows. Holbert appears to have fired first, according to dash-camera footage.

Baker fell to the ground and Holbert tossed the firearm out of the vehicle before driving away, video shows. Aaron said Baker was hospitalized and underwent surgery for his injuries.

Hobert ran off the road a few blocks from the incident and later died in the hospital, according to Aaron.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Davidson County District Attorney’s office are investigating the incident. The Metropolitan Nashville Police is investigating Baker’s use of force.

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