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GOP campaign chief says Party will link Democrats to socialism, recruit more women and minorities to win back House

Nicole Silverio, DCNF

Rep. Tom Emmer of Minnesota revealed the GOP’s efforts to link the Democratic Party to socialism and add women and minorities to the party in order to win back a House majority in 2022, The Hill reported.

Emmer, the GOP’s campaign chief, said the Republican Party is strategizing to defeat Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections by labeling their agendas as socialist and targeting their latest legislative agendas that do not receive bipartisan support. House Republicans are planning to add more women and minorities to the party.

“Nancy Pelosi and her socialist agenda are the most unpopular thing going on in this country, and it’s going to cost them their majority on their side,” Emmer told The Hill.

The Democrats will suffer consequences in the midterm election for refraining from in-person learning, stripping thousands of jobs by ending the Keystone Pipeline, and tax hikes, Emmer told The Hill. He said voters will celebrate the Republican Party’s successes over the past few years.

“Even with the pandemic, you’ve seen this country continue to move forward and I think we’re going to celebrate those policies-again that were implemented in the last administration that brought so many voters into the Republican Party,” he said. “Secure borders, making sure that we have an America first policy — that’s still a winning approach for us.”

In 2020, a higher number of women and minority Republican candidates had been slated and elected than in the past. Of the 11 Democratic seats flipped by Republicans, all were women and minorities, according to Deseret News.

Emmer told The Hill the Republican Party continues to succeed in increasing diversity.

“The problem we’ve had is that I think we did a very good job last time. We’ve got to make sure that diversity is reflected in our elected officials at the federal and state level. We started that process I think in a big way in the last cycle by empowering out delegations to be our chief recruitment tools and to tell us who the talent was in their states,” Emmer said.

Emmer mentioned the low unemployment rates for Hispanics and African Americans under the Trump administration, which could potentially lead the party to gain support from those demographics.

Emmer mentioned the party is divided on whether former President Donald Trump should remain a major influence. Emmer said he wants Trump to continue to be an influence in the GOP by naming his accomplishment during his presidency, according to The Hill.

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