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Global views of the US have grown more positive during Biden’s presidency – except in one country

Andrew Trunsky, DCNF

The amount of people who view the United States favorably has increased in over a dozen countries since President Joe Biden took office, but have dropped in China, a new Morning Consult poll shows.

The U.S. is viewed more favorably across Europe, rising 17 points in France, 12 points in Italy, 14 points in the United Kingdom, 11 points in Spain and 22 points in Germany, according to the survey. The amount of people with positive views of the U.S. rose 19 points in Japan and held steady in South Korea, but fell four points in China, where almost three-quarters of the population view the U.S. negatively.

Biden declared that China was committing genocide against its minority Uighur population in March, and rebuked it for its “coercive and unfair” trading policies. He and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga announced a new shared commitment to counter China’s influence in the region, vowing to “ensure the future of a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

“President Joe Biden inherited a tarnished American image abroad when he took office on Jan. 20 following four years of President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ foreign policies and the Jan. 6 Capitol riot that called into question the status of the world’s oldest continuous democracy,” the poll said.

“Nearly 100 days later as the United States and the world meets a symbolic milestone of Biden’s presidency, the Oval Office’s current occupant is overseeing a sizeable improvement to the American brand across many allied countries,” it added.

Favorable views of the U.S. increased three points in Russia, 10 points in Australia and 14 points in Canada, though they still remained underwater in all three countries.

“Biden’s message to the world since taking office has been ‘America is back,’ as he put it in remarks at the State Department just two weeks after he took office,” the survey said. “That new tone for the world, joined by his traditionalist approach to governing at home after four years of Trump’s volatility, appears to be resonating positively in much of the West.”

The two polls were conducted from Jan. 11-20 and April 16-25 among at least 1,100 adults in each country surveyed. Margins of error ranged from 1% to 3%.

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