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DeSantis: Media elevates ‘wrong’ liberal heroes to sainthood

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF

MIAMI — During a Monday interview with the Daily Caller News Foundation, Gov. Ron DeSantis joked that the media elevates the wrong heroes “basically” to “sainthood” in order to combat figures like former President Donald Trump.

The Florida Republican sat down for an interview with the DCNF’s Mary Margaret Olohan in Miami, Florida, where he discussed how he handled lockdowns in his state, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s leaked emails, transgender athletes in sports and more.

“If you’re going to pick someone to be your liberal hero, they seem to be picking the wrong people,” DeSantis said, discussing how the media treated his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic versus how the media treated Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“I mean to pick Cuomo, the guy’s had a lot of problems,” DeSantis said with a laugh. “And then they elevated Fauci to basically sainthood, and yet we’ve seen Fauci’s been wrong about so many different things, and clearly he wasn’t honest with the American people about the origins of COVID.”

“So if you’re going to try to create a hero against your bad guy, if it’s Trump or whoever else, at least get it right,” the governor added. “It seems like the people they’re picking end up having a lot of problems.”


The governor referred to “nonsense” that media have accused him of, such as when “60 Minutes” suggested that DeSantis picked the grocery store chain Publix to distribute vaccines for Palm Beach County because the company had donated $100,000 to his political committee.

“These guys are not honest brokers. They’re bad actors in corporate media, I mean the CBS’s the NBC’s, so just understand that. Do not let them deter you from doing the right thing, and fight back against them. And when you do that, the people are with ya.”

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