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WATCH: Students say the American flag symbolizes oppression

Ophelie Jacobson, Campus Reform

With Flag Day coming up on Monday, June 14, Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson went to The University of Texas at Dallas to talk with students about what the American flag means to them.

Jacobson asked students to say the first thing they think of is when they see the American flag.

“A lot of things come to mind. First of all, war. Second of all, we’ve also taken a bit of land from Native Americans so that’s unfortunate too. And it’s just really terrible that we’ve done all these things and this flag kind of reminds me of that, of all the sins we’ve committed against others,” one student said.

Another student said the flag has negative connotations attached to it such as nationalism, exclusiveness, and selfishness.

When Jacobson asked if students knew what day June 14 was, students thought it was Juneteenth, a holiday that is celebrated on June 19 instead.

Watch the full video above to see if students believe we should have a day celebrating the American flag.

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