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Bill Maher critiques American universities as “giant luxury daycare centers” in scathing monologue

Ben Zeisloft, Campus Reform

Late night host Bill Maher spent a monologue railing against the university system in the United States.

“Now that graduation season has ended and we won’t be spoiling anyone’s big day, let’s talk about what higher education in America really is: a racket that sells you a very expensive ticket to the upper middle class” opened the comedian’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” episode on June 4.

Maher ripped President Biden’s American Families Plan for asking taxpayers to “pony up hundreds of billions” for free college proposals. He noted that liberals “see more school the way Republicans see tax cuts as the answer to everything.”

Maher asserted that due to their regressive nature, free college proposals contribute to income inequality and other areas of concern for the Democrats.

“I know free college is a left-wing thing, but is it really liberal for someone who doesn’t go to college and makes less money to pay for people who do go and make more?” he asked.

“Colleges have turned into giant luxury daycare centers with overpaid babysitters anxious to indulge every student’s whim,” Maher continued. As examples, he cited luxury water parts at Texas Tech, the fact that one-third of college students report studying for less than five hours per week, and courses that fixate on the topic of racism — or, in Maher’s words, “You Owe Me an Apology 101.”

Pointing out that the percentage of college students who receive A’s has increased from 15 percent to 45 percent in the last six decades, Maher quipped that grade inflation is not due to college students “getting smarter.”

Maher also decried the heavy financial burden levied upon students and professionals by universities, which serve as gatekeepers to most industries.

“In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church famously sold indulgences, which were just tickets to Heaven that you could buy,” continued Maher. “Well, now another priesthood of academia sells a different ticket to heaven, and because it’s so necessary, colleges can charge whatever they want.”

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