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Police shooting protest turns deadly when car plows into demonstrators, killing one

Steven Hall, DCNF

A car rammed through protesters in Minneapolis on Sunday night, injuring one person and killing a woman, according to the police department.

The driver was arrested after being pulled from his car by protesters after the crash, according to the Star Tribune. He was taken to the hospital, but a tweet from the police department didn’t specify the man’s injuries or his motives.

The car crash killed a woman and injured another protester, according to the police.

“We need peace and harmony,” Shivon Terry-Maxwell, a resident in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, told the Star Tribune. “Calm down. Leave Uptown alone,” according to the Star Tribune.

The June 3 shooting of Winston Boogie Smith Jr., a 32-year-old father of three, has sparked numerous protests in Uptown Minneapolis. The police have not released video footage of Smith’s death, according to the Star Tribune.

Police tried to take Smith into custody after being alerted of his location, he had a warrant out for a felony firearms violation, according to a press release. Two sheriff’s deputies shot and killed Smith, according to the press release.

The woman who was in Smith’s vehicle during the shooting alleges she never saw Smith with a weapon, according to the Star Tribune.

The entry lane to the parking garage in Brooklyn Center where police killed Smith has been painted and repainted at least five times in the past week, according to the Star Tribune.

Activists painted “Blood on their hands” in the alley last week. Afterward Marvin Applewhite, a Minneapolis resident who leads a crew to remove graffiti, washed off the paint and helped paint the alley rainbow colors. Activists then painted it red again, according to the Star Tribune.

On Saturday morning, an anonymous crew then painted it light gray. Then on Saturday evening, activists painted it red again with the words “Stop the cover up,” according to the Star Tribune.

Applewhite said activists are attacking the wrong people when they paint buildings and other property. “If you’re gonna paint something, paint a red floor at the U.S. Marshal’s building. But they’re too intimidated to do that,” according to the Star Tribune.

“I’m just trying to help the neighborhood look better,” he said. “These buildings got nothing to do with the killing. I was out here [removing graffiti] before all this happened,” Applewhite said, according to the Star Tribune. “I’m not the enemy. I’m just a guy who’s trying to keep it clean.”

The Minneapolis police department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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