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Trump says southern border is ‘more dangerous than it’s ever been’ under Biden

Kaylee Greenlee, DCNF

Former President Donald Trump said Wednesday the southern border is “more dangerous than it’s ever been” after the Biden administration reversed most of Trump’s immigration policies, Fox News reported.

The Biden administration ended Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” program on June 1 and is eyeing an end to public health order Title 42 that allows border officials to rapidly expel most migrants to Mexico at the end of July, Axios reported June 20. Biden also said he would stop construction on the border wall, prompting Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to announce plans for the state to begin construction on its own wall, the Daily Caller News Foundation reported.

“There has never been a border so secure as the southern border that we had, and now it’s opened up,” Trump said, according to Fox News. “Now we have an open, really dangerous, border. More dangerous than it’s ever been in the history of our country, and we better go back fast.”


Trump joined Abbott for a briefing with law enforcement and border officials in Weslaco, Texas, before touring unfinished sections of the border wall in the area, according to Fox News. Abbott echoed Trump’s criticism of the Biden administration’s policies and referred to the former president as “a great friend to Texas” who secured the border during his presidency.

“We had all these great policies going and they were ended. One day, they were all ended. This didn’t take place over three months or five months. This took place in the first week, they were ended. It was almost like they were ended because I did it,” Trump said, Fox News reported.

Border officials have encountered nearly 712,000 migrants attempting to illegally enter the U.S. since January, according to Customs and Border Protection. Officials encountered a record high of 180,000 migrants in May, including more than 14,100 unaccompanied migrant minors.

Vice President Kamala Harris visited El Paso, Texas, Friday after continued criticism over the administration’s handling of the border crisis, the Daily Caller reported. Harris was appointed to address the “root causes” of migration and previously visited the Guatemalan and Mexican presidents to discuss possible solutions.

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