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Watch: Senator Steve Daines: ‘We can’t let our colleges and universities turn into abortion clinics’

Ophelie Jacobson, Campus Reform

On July 21, Senator Steve Daines (R-Montana) introduced new legislation that would block funding for colleges and universities that provide abortions or supply abortion pills to students in health centers.

The Protecting Life on College Campus Act of 2021 is in response to a 2019 California law that requires public universities and colleges in the state to provide abortion pills to students by the year 2023.

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson spoke with Senator Steve Daines about this new bill and what it would mean for colleges across the country.

Daines expressed the importance of taking action now, rather than later.

“When you see an idea like this start to get some traction in places like California, we’re concerned it could spread to other places like we’re seeing in Massachusetts,” Daines said. “So we want to get ahead of the curve here. We want to make sure we’re educating the voters and educating the young women on the campuses.”

Jacobson then asked Daines if colleges and universities are losing sight of their purpose, which is to educate the next generation of leaders, by giving abortion pills to students.

“Absolutely. And I say that as somebody who myself is a product of our public education system, including universities…all four of our children graduated from public universities,” Daines said. “But they’re becoming increasingly places where there’s indoctrination occurring versus education.”

Daines then outlined the importance of fighting back against pro-abortion ideologies on college campuses, saying that we “can’t let our university campuses turn into abortion clinics.”

Watch the full interview with Senator Steve Daines above.

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