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Marjorie Taylor Greene suspended from Twitter over vaccine claims

Ailan Evans, DCNF

Twitter suspended Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Greene’s account was limited to “read-only mode” for one week after she posted a tweet claiming vaccines and masks do not reduce the spread of COVID-19, a Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The spokesperson said Greene’s tweet violated Twitter’s COVID-19 misinformation policy, and Greene’s account was temporarily disabled “due to repeated violations of the Twitter Rules.”

“The FDA should not approve the covid vaccines. There are too many reports of infection & spread of #COVID19 among vaccinated people,” Greene tweeted Monday night, adding that “these vaccines are failing & do not reduce the spread of the virus & neither do masks.”

Greene also said that “vaccine mandates & passports violate individual freedoms.”

A July study from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found mRNA vaccines reduced the risk of infection by 91% for vaccinated individuals, while the CDC’s official guidance says that masks help prevent the spread of respiratory droplets which contain the virus.

Greene condemned Twitter’s decision to suspend her, arguing the company was censoring her and that its moderation policies were hypocritical.

“They will allow porn on Twitter. They will allow posts about parents transitioning their children and changing their gender on Twitter,” Greene said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation.

“But Twitter won’t allow any real discussion of the truth from an elected Congresswoman because Twitter only cares about the Democrat Communist agenda for America,” she added.

Twitter suspended Greene’s account several times earlier this year, temporarily banning her in January for violating the company’s “civic integrity policy,” then falsely suspending her in March, before disabling her account again in July for tweeting that COVID-19 was not dangerous for individuals unless they were obese or over the age of 65.

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