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Lincoln Project mocked over ‘disgusting’ ad criticizing Abbott, DeSantis’ policies

Kendall Tietz, DCNF

Two Republican governors were the latest targets of the Lincoln Project in an ad posted Wednesday.

The Lincoln Project ad, which targeted the Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over their recent stances opposing mask mandates, has been mocked as an exaggeration of the threat COVID-19 poses to children and a political ploy to raise money for the political group.

The video showed a child at a school desk learning in person while a title read, “This is where your child should be this fall.” It then switched to footage of a child hooked up to a ventilator with a caption reading, “This… Is where they could be.”

“If you could prevent this, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t anyone?” the ad text said, before switching to a split-screen of Abbott and DeSantis.

“First they asked you to sacrifice your grandparents for the economy, now it’s your children,” the Lincoln Project tweeted.

Twitter users were quick to mock the video, including Journalist Glenn Greenwald who said “only psychopaths would produce” such an advertisement and criticized the political project for telling people how to keep children safe when its own co-founder has been accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against minors.

The Washington Examiner’s Seth Mandel called the advertisement, “psychotic even for the Lincoln Project” and criticized the group’s claim that they wanted to protect children.

Writer Drew Holden also criticized the Lincoln project’s history of “endangering children.”

Journalist Zach Weissmueller called the video “disgusting,” and a “fear mongering” tactic to promote cloth masks.

Some individuals tweeted in support of the advertisement, including some of Lincoln Project’s staff, who criticized the approaches of the Florida and Texas governors.

The Lincoln Project is a PAC founded by “never-Trump” ex-GOP figures including Rick Wilson, Steve Schmidt and George Conway. Several founding members resigned in early 2021 after a co-founder of the group, John Weaver, was accused of sexual misconduct.

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