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Parent allegedly leaves teacher bleeding after fight over mask mandates on first day of school

Harry Wilmerding, DCNF

A parent at a California public school allegedly attacked a teacher Wednesday, leaving him bruised and lacerated, after the two got in an argument over mask mandates, a local news outlet reported.

The incident at Sutter Creek Elementary School occurred an hour after the first day of school, according to NBC affiliate KCRA 3.

“The teacher was bleeding,” Torie Gibson, the Amador County Unified School District superintendent, told KCRA 3.

“He had some lacerations on his face, some bruising on his face, and a pretty good knot on the back of his head,” she added.

The father verbally assaulted the school’s principal when he saw his daughter leaving the school wearing a mask, Gibson told KCRA 3. A male teacher stepped in to monitor the situation, which escalated into a physical altercation.

The teacher’s injuries were treated at a nearby hospital, and he was released on the same day.

The father was angry that the school required students to wear masks throughout the entire campus, according to Gibson. Vaccinated teachers who prove their immunity can remove their face coverings while students are not around, Gibson told KCRA 3.

“Assaulting a staff member will never be tolerated on any school campus,” Gibson said in a letter to the school community obtained by the DCNF. “Remember, we are not the ones making the rules/mandates, we are the ones required to follow/enforce them if we want to keep our doors open and students at five days a week.”

The parent is not allowed back on school property, but the student may still attend classes, Gibson told KCRA 3.

A police report was filed, and local police are working with the district attorney’s office, according to KCRA 3.

“If it’s appropriate to press charges, we will do that,” Gibson said. “If they tell me it’s not appropriate, I will trust them.”

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