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WATCH: Students think America oppresses women… Then they hear about Afghanistan

Ophelie Jacobson, Campus Reform

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, many people are worried about the rights of women and children under Taliban rule in the country. Reports show that women are already being beaten and killed on the streets.

At the same time, many continue to believe that women in America are oppressed and treated unfairly.

Campus Reform reporter Ophelie Jacobson talked with female students at the University of Central Florida about what is happening in Afghanistan and how that compares to the treatment women receive in the United States.

All of the students Campus Reform talked to said that women are oppressed in this country.

“There’s definitely some unfair treatment in some aspects,” one student said.

“We already have a lower pay range even if we are overqualified for the position,” another student said.

When Jacobson told students about the treatment that women receive under the Taliban, the students were shocked.

“It makes me very nervous for the young girls growing up who might not be able to get an education,” a third student said.

Students told Jacobson that learning how Afghan women will be treated by the Taliban changes their perspective on what women deal with in America.

“Obviously in other areas it’s a lot worse. With that situation, now that I know, obviously there’s not as much to complain about here than over there,” a female student said.

“We still got it a lot better than many other women in other countries around the world,” another student said.

Does seeing what is happening in Afghanistan make these young women more grateful to be in America? Watch the full video above to find out.

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